25 Hacks For A Healthy Life

By Olivia Atkinson
10th May 2016

Hey there, human. It’s all turned to custard, hasn’t it? You started the year with the best of intentions—locked in the gym, meal prepped like the Rock and took the necessary actions to give you a happy as Larry outlook on life. Unfortunately—and we’re in the same boat—life got in the way and your master wellness plan slowly faded away. 

The time has come to reel that sucker back in with this handy list! You’re going to hack life so hard, you won’t know what hit ya. Ready? Here’s 25 hacks for a healthy life. Let’s do this. 

  1. Scull some H20 as soon as you wake up. It will pull you out of your lethargic state and get the blood pumping. 
  2. Drink water like you have a permanent UTI. 
  3. Go for a massive walk and catch up with your nearest and dearest on the phone. You’ll get a workout and finally chat to the people you’ve been putting off talking to. Sorry, mum. 
  4. Chill down on the dinner portions. If you’re taking ages to knock off at night, you’ve probably over gorged yourself and your system is struggling to digest. 
  5. Computer hurting your eyes? The 20/20/20 rules will change your life (and eyes). Every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds to look at a static object 20 feet away. No eye strain and redness for you. 
  6. Y’know that gym membership you got last October but never use? Cancel it. Try working out at home for free with YouTube vids, online guides or the famous Kayla Itsines—she’ll kick your ass. 
  7. Speaking of, workout in the morning. Let’s face it, it’s less likely to happen when you’re knackered from a long day at work. 
  8. Yell ‘FUCK!!!’ when you’re in pain. Studies have found that it can lower heart rate, decrease perceived pain and give you a higher pain tolerance. 
  9. Fashion an irresistible, booty-shakin’, belt-it-out playlist to get you amped for the day in the morning. 
  10. Pop smoothie ingredients into zip lock and freeze for speedy morning smoothies. 
  11. Brush your pearly whites as soon as you’ve finished dins so you’re less tempted to eat the rest of that KitKat sitting in the pantry. 
  12. Try and do something creative everyday. Whether it’s slapping the bass, taking photos or jotting down haikus. 
  13. Park your car further away so you have to walk. Your legs and lungs will thank you. 
  14. Be kind. Blame, jealously and criticising will only bring bad juju into your life. 
  15. Make the most of Sunday. Yes, it’s a day for being hungover, brunching with your mates and binge watching telly, but it’s also a day to get yourself and your life sorted for the week—use it wisely. 
  16. Crank up the slow cooker. Having a pre-made dinner to come home to will stop you from dropping cash monies on takeout. Scour Pinterest for recipes. 
  17. In fact, scour Pinterest for everything. It’s a treasure trove of life hacks, tips and tricks. 
  18. De-clutter. Throw out or donate the shit you don’t need. A tidy space makes for a tidy mind.  
  19. Exercise while watching the telly. Bust out a few squats or stretch them hammies. 
  20. Read! Seriously, just do it. 
  21. Give meditation a crack. We’re not talking om-ing and ah-ing. Just take 10 minutes to sit still and breathe at the end of every day. 
  22. Go commando when you sleep. Gotta get that lower airflow somehow. 
  23. Stay pH balanced and get acquainted with lemon water. 
  24. You’ve probably been told this one time and time again, but disconnect at least an hour before you go to sleep. You’ll be one step closer to sleeping like a bebe. 
  25. A problem shared is a problem halved. Don’t be too proud to ask for help when you need it. 

Need more hacks? Here are 50 Life Hacks To Get You Through 2016.

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