25 Reasons You Won’t Want To Leave The North Shore

By Tennille Ziegler
10th Nov 2016

25 Reasons You Won’t Want To Leave The North Shore

The battle continues between the city side and the North Shore. Which is better? Why? And does it even matter?

Well, to fellow Aucklander’s living on either side, yes it matters, and today, we’re vouching for the North Shore. Here are 25 reasons you won’t want to leave the North Shore.

  1. There are beaches galore…basically every suburb is a maximum five-minute drive to the nearest beach.
  2. There’s nature reserves too, and plenty of parks to pack a picnic and spend the day at. Two of our faves are Wenderholm Regional Park and Long Bay Reserve.
  3. It has epic views, did we mention that because of all these coastal ‘burbs, access to great viewing spots of the ocean are within easy reach? Well, it’s true.
  4. Forget about walking through the concrete playground, the North Shore is all about bush walks.
  5. And beach walks too, there are countless walkways along the beach…Milford to Takapuna anyone?
  6. Great cafes don’t just exist on the city side; there are plenty of delicious cafes on the North Shore too.
  7. There’s no falling short on good coffee either, Coffee Lab roasts their own beans and is considered the spot for “coffee geeks.”
  8. Actually affordable accommodation…well more so than Ponsonby or Remuera.
  9. At the end of the working day sometimes you want nothing more than to escape the hustle and bustle. The North Shore provides just this.
  10.  There’s seaside restaurants…ever thought how nice it’d be looking back towards the city? Try Devon On The Wharf.
  11. There’s even a seaside venue! The Wharf at Northcote Point makes you feel as though you’re on the water.
  12.  There are romantic spots to take your loved one to watch the sunset. Mt Victoria in Devonport is one of them (the rest are a secret…).
  13. You can check out all the hipsters in Devonport who think they’re too good for the Shore.
  14.  While you’re there, pay a visit to Cheltenham Beach, one of Auckland’s gems.
  15. The traffic getting into the city sucks, so why not just stay Shore side instead?
  16. It’s closer to your bach at Omaha (well, probably your friends bach who lives in Remuera, but still…).
  17. You can get fresh produce on a Sunday morning from the Takapuna Markets, without having to worry what you look like.
  18. And the Browns Bay ones…
  19. There are even the Glenfield night markets, which City side peeps are guilty of crossing the bridge to pay a visit.
  20.  There are some decent yoga studios, and you won’t get looked up and down for not wearing Lululemon. Try Golden Yogi, Yoga Sanctuary or Stephanie Hall Yoga.
  21.  We even have our own Island! Ever heard of Herald Island? Google it, now.
  22. We have old school cinemas that are just a little bit fancy. Check out Bridgeway Cinema in Northcote.
  23. Move outta the way Newmarket and Ponsonby, there’s a new shopping precinct and it’s called Takapuna. The Department Store is a pretty good spot for clothes, and if not going for the clothes, at least go to check out the staff.
  24. With plenty of Surf Life Saving Clubs around you’ll know you’ll be in safe (and hot) hands.
  25. People are actually nice. 

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