27 Things Only Dog Owners Will Understand

By Simone Jovel
31st Oct 2016

dog parenting 101

Dog owners out there we hear you. Whether you’re the proud parent to the cutest thing on four legs, struggling through those teenage years that happened around 6 months of age, or totally nailing this whole raising a life thing (yes guys, you are raising a life) we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone.

From toilet training to all of the pats here are 27 that only dog owners will understand.

1. The first week you will not sleep.
2. As soon as you speak to anyone else who has ever had a puppy they totally get you and you’re left wondering why the hell no one told you it would be THIS hard.
3. You quickly question whether you could ever actually have/handle/keep alive a human child?
4. Fancy pet shop toys are a complete waste of money.
5. So are the ones from K-mart.
6. Give them a plastic bottle, seriously.
7. Everything you love has been peed on. Especially if the thing you love is a new rug.
8. Toilet training.
9. You now hide your undies, especially if they’re dirty. 100% gross and also 100% fact.
10. Your favourite pieces of clothing all have holes in them. Some of the holes remain hidden until you get all the way to work, and a colleague points one out. In a meeting.
11. In the early days leaving the house is a military operation.
12. The judgey eyes of parents at puppy school.
13. Their framed puppy school graduation photo takes pride of place in your lounge room.
14. You have bought a pet cam.
15. You wished you bought a pet cam that let you talk to your dog.
16. You start making their food from scratch because you only want them to eat organic. You don’t actually food shop for yourself anymore.
17. Personal space is no longer a thing.
18. You’ve Googled if your dog dreams and now watch them intently as they sleep.
19. When you come home you’re a total rock star.
20. You suddenly love ALL of the puppies. Every single dog you see is the cutest thing ever, well after your dog that is.
21. You are now an Internet meme.
22. You develop dog turrets in the form of words like ‘muffin’ and ‘nugget’ or combining the two to create ‘nuggetmuffin’ when you see a new dog.
23. You used to have totally adult things like the Kardashians clogging your news feed now it’s FILLED with dog videos, but they’re the cutest so it’s fine.
24. You recreate the dog videos you’ve seen on the internet.
25. You wish you could text your dog.
26. They are the cutest thing in the entire world.
27. They make your life 10,000 times better and your house is now a home.

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Image credit: Kellie Blizard

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