28 Things Your Parents Will Probably Say When They Visit You In Auckland

By Olivia Atkinson
20th Feb 2018

28 Things Your Parents Will Probably Say When They Visit You In Auckland

You moved to the big smoke of Auckland to chase your dreams/career/sig other and now, your dear parentals are dropping in for a visit. If they’re not too familiar with your beloved City of Sails, it’s likely they’ll have a thing or two to say about their time here. From oh-so helpful dinner suggestions to seriously ridic questions, here are 28 things your parents will probably say when they visit you in Auckland.

  1. We couldn’t deal with this horrendous traffic. Nope, not us. Never.
  2. Let’s just pop into the city for dinner.
  3. Surely there will be somewhere good without a wait.
  4. Surely we can find a park right outside the restaurant.
  5. $6 per hour for parking?! We’re taking the bus.
  6. *waits for bus for half an hour* Unbelievable! We should have driven.
  7. Or walked. Can we just walk there?
  8. What’s with all the roadworks?
  9. Nope, no way I’m paying $18 for quarter of an avocado on toast.
  10. *orders it anyway*
  11. Brunch is officially my new favourite meal of the day.
  12. Oh my, this coffee is so much better than what we get at *insert small town cafe here*.
  13. Why is everyone taking photos of their food?
  14. You pay how much on rent?!
  15. For this tiny thing?!
  16. Is that why you have no food in your house?
  17. Surely you could get something cheaper in Ponsonby or something?
  18. Wasn’t that girl on that Bachelor show?
  19. Rain! How is it raining? The forecast was for sun!
  20. We’re feeling like Chinese for dins. Do you know where the best place is?
  21. Why are there so many vegan options?
  22. Now, when do we get to meet *insert name of Tinder dude you went on one date with six months ago*.
  23. Is that the devil’s lettuce I smell?
  24. Eden Park is so much bigger in real life.  
  25. Ooo, there are lots of nice looking men here. Do you just not want a boyfriend?
  26. Have you bumped into Jacinda yet?
  27. How about *insert name of person you went to primary school with and who your mum happens to know lives in Auckland*?
  28. When are you coming home?

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