29 Things That Will Make You Feel Old AF

By Ben Tunui
16th Aug 2017


Of course, it happened gradually. It feels like just yesterday that you were sitting on your couch singing See You, See You Later with Suzy Cato while downing several bowls of Coco Pops, but today you just received your car rego bill. Good times.

In honour of the years passing faster than ever, here are 29 things that will make you feel old AF.

  1. It’s almost been nine years since Britney’s meltdown, let’s not forget.
  2. The year you were born saw “Now That’s What I Call Music” at its pinnacle––#54 has just been released.
  3. Mean Girls has just turned 13 years old, let that sink in.
  4. So did Shrek.
  5. Motorola flip tops were released 10 years ago.
  6. You’re still rocking your i_am_so_cool_69@hotmail.com email address.
  7. Your Tamagotchi is well and truly dead, RIP.
  8. Your favourite childhood movie is already a live action film.
  9. Speaking of childhood movies, Simba is long dead.
  10. You just met someone that was born post-2000 and you’ve actually died.
  11. Had you kept all of the clothes you owned when you were 13, you’d find they were back in style.
  12. You just had a legal drink with someone who was born in 1999.
  13. You just had to explain to a youth what a landline was.
  14. And that they used to have cords that stretched into other rooms.
  15. MSN was life, unfortunately it no longer exists.
  16. Neither does Bebo.
  17. Marissa from The OC has been dead for 10 years.
  18. Paris Hilton is four years away from 40.
  19. You get excited when you’re asked for ID.
  20. You remember the painful sound of a dial up modem.
  21. The cast of Clueless are all in their 40’s…
  22. You see absolutely no value in a snap streak.
  23. The last episode of Friends aired eight years ago, cue the tissues.
  24. Your Nintendogs have died of starvation.
  25. Snake was the pinnacle of mobile gaming.
  26. You come to the realisation that your birthday candles simply don’t fit on your cake anymore.
  27. In 3 years, 1990 will be 30 years ago…..
  28. Luke Perry is a 50-year-old man.
  29. You’ve started starting sentences with “when I was a kid…”

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