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40 Things To Do In Auckland Before It Gets Too Hot

By Natasha Van Der Laan
23rd Oct 2016

40 Things To Do In Auckland Before It Gets Too Hot

Summer, we have a love/hate relationship with you. While we're pretty keep to ditch the electric blanket in favour of ice creams and jandals, sometimes it just gets too. darn. hot. Before we know it, the sun's rays will be burning through that hole in the ozone and turning us in to sweaty, hot messes (ugh). Work your way through this Auckland to-do list before summer cranks it up a notch!

1. Get to Piha Beach before the summer sun heats up that black sand. Burnt footsies are no fun.

2. Might as well check off Muriwai Beach while you’re at it.

3. And, if you haven’t already, walk to Lake Wainamu. Walking the 4km track in the blazing sun is suuuch a mish.

4. Spoon your significant other all night long. Come summertime, it will be too hot to lay a finger on them.

5. Work your way through the best hot chocolates in Auckland. Summer ain’t for hot choccies.

6. On the flipside, eat all the Giapo ice cream you can. You don’t want the sun to melt that deliciousness right before your very eyes.

7. If that’s not enough, work your way through Takapuna Beach Café’s gelato selection for the same reason. Hellooo chocolate honeycomb.

8. Tick off these weekend walks and hikes. Hiking in the sun is overrated.  

9. Cultivate your armpit hair. You can’t do that in summer.

10. The same goes for your leg hair.

11. Eat the chocolate you got for Easter.

12. Annnd the chocolate Santa got you. You’re a fool for holding onto it for so long.

13. Brace yourself for summer by drinking piña coladas on the couch.

14. Binge-watch ALL the Netflix you can. You won’t want to snuggle up in bed for much longer.

15. To get you started, here are the best telly shows you’re not watching.

16. While you’re at it, here are 13 movies you need to see before summer.

17. Work your way through all the best comfort food while you can. Start with Auckland’s best curries.

18. Then devour Auckland’s best roasts.

19. Don’t stop there! Winter isn’t over until you’ve checked off the best ramen joints in Auckland.

20. As far as we’re concerned, there’s always room for dessert. These winter desserts must be tackled ASAP.

21. A special shout-out out to the molten choc pot from The Blue Breeze Inn. You need to consume at LEAST two before summer comes. It’s a rule.

22. Speaking of warm, chocolatey desserts, make this warm chocolate mug cake—it’s ready in less than two minutes.

23. If you’ve got more time on your hands, make this epic pumpkin pie while pumpkins are still in season.

24. Get started on that colouring book you got for Christmas. Like, does anyone ACTUALLY colour those things in?

25. Warm up with these winter cocktails. They’ll make you niiiced and toasted. We mean, toasty. Yes…toasty.

26. Alternatively, Auckland also has its fair share of mulled wine.

27. Feng shui your room. It will soon be too hot to move furniture around.

28. Wear your novelty knitted jersey while you can. Double points if you rock it to the office.

29. Meander through The Domain’s Wintergardens brimming with flowers and fauna. The glasshouses are heated to 28 degrees—it will help you climatise for summer.

30. These hot pools will also help one climatise.

31. Or, give bikram yoga a go! Only crazy people do it summer.

32. Get through that canned soup collection in your pantry.

33. Take a nap (or several). For some bizarre reason, napping is more socially acceptable over the cooler months.

34. Woo your lover with these 30 winter date ideas.

35. Get started on that winter fitness regime you intended to do. Summer bodies are made in the winter, they say!

36. Invest in a fan. Remember last summer when all the stores sold out? Learn from your mistakes and get in early.

37. Paddling pools are also notorious for selling out. Grab one at the same time.

38. Wear your jandals in.

39. Stock up on ice.

40. And clean the BBQ…You can never be too prepared for summer.

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