45 Things That Will Happen After Your OE

By Tennille Ziegler
2nd Nov 2016

45 Things That Will Happen After Your OE

So, let’s say you’ve spent the summer in Europe, perhaps you’ve been living it up (or as you like to pretend) in NYC, or, you’ve been doing the classic ‘Kiwi in London’ thing. Whichever it is, for those of you have returned from exploring the big wide world, you’ll appreciate what we have to say.

It’s depressing enough coming home because a) you’re broke b) you have a job to return to, or c) your visa expired. Let alone all the things below to make it even more depressing. 

To enlighten you, here’s 45 things that happen when you return to NZ, just so you know, you’re not alone. 

  1. When you land at the airport you realise how awful the Kiwi accent is.
  2. You remember why NZ is so great, what other airport has birdlife and sounds of nature as you walk through the terminal?
  3. Then you remember why it’s not so great—who else here has got stung with a $400 fine because you forgot to take the banana out of your bag? Keeping NZ clean comes with a hefty price tag.
  4. Driving through Auckland traffic reminds you how good public transport systems overseas are. 
  5. Seeing Rangitoto Island and the Sky Tower brings back flooding feelings of nostalgia.
  6. You’d forgotten how darn unpredictable the weather is. Ooh sunny this morning, I’ll wear a dress! Whoops, thunderstorms in the afternoon. 
  7. You catch up with friends you quickly learn that although you haven’t seen them in months (maybe years!), they don’t really care how your trip was. It is SO much more important to hear about Kelly and Tom’s break-up during the summer.
  8. You realise how safe your country is when you leave your bags at the gym unattended and nothing goes missing.
  9. Also, when you go for a swim at the beach, you can leave all your things on your towel. 
  10. You’ll think ‘classic NZ’ when the headlines on the news are about what the Real Housewives of Auckland and the old Bachelor and Bachelorettes are doing with their lives. 
  11. You count your lucky stars that our local news isn’t about anything worse…
  12. You put your travel photos up on a Facebook album to bomb your friends about the great time you had overseas.
  13. You’ll find yourself complaining about how isolated New Zealand is.
  14. Find yourself thankful about how isolated New Zealand is.
  15. You’ll notice your travel grams get many more hits than your ‘Saturday brunch with the gals’ grams.
  16. But the brunch is just too darn good not to ‘gram it right? You realise how good our cafes are. 
  17. You’ll thankful that Kiwis actually know how to make good coffee.
  18. And, you’ll love that said coffee isn’t from Starbucks. 
  19. You’ll think about how great New Zealand really is, but the novelty wears off too fast.
  20. You’ll find yourself posting travel throwbacks ‘this time last year’ ‘TBT’ ‘remember that time…’
  21. You’ll be excited to moving forward from the dark ages and use Internet banking again. 
  22. You’ll actually having money in your account to pay for things. 
  23. You’ll realise that rent in Auckland is pretty much the same as any other metropolis in the world. 
  24. And you're still not able to breathe without the fear of how you’re going to pay for your rent.
  25. Or, you’ll not even have to pay rent because you’re living at your parents place —score!
  26. You’ll be able to eat again because you don’t have to subside the grocery shop for your power bill. 
  27. You’ll enjoy the frivolous lifestyle of purchasing new clothing. Let’s be honest, it’s not in your budget pre-travel or during travel so you may as well lap it up while you can. 
  28. Your post Europe diet begins. Where did that extra 10kg come from? 
  29. You appreciate the smaller things in life, like being able to walk to the beach instead of catching a train one-hour away to get to one. 
  30. People understand sarcasm. I love Trump.
  31. People understand your slang. Do you reckon? Yeah, nah.  I’m keen as.
  32. You remember how great it is to have your family close by. 
  33. And, having your mum to do your washing. 
  34. You remember the reason you left, any jobs going?
  35. But then you remember the difficulties overseas, connections people!
  36. Tinder gets awkward when you see your cousins on there. But if he’s my second cousin that makes it ok, right? 
  37. Too many small town things will happen. 
  38. Like bumping into your ex, or a date that you promised you’d call.
  39. You’re pleasantly reminded how much catching the bus sucks when it arrives 30 minutes late.
  40. Or it doesn’t arrive at all. 
  41. You have a moment of confusion when our country gets torn apart by the flag debate.
  42. And when ‘John Key pulling ponytails’ makes headlines. 
  43. You lose the benefits of having bottle service for free. Well, actually, bottle service doesn’t exist. 
  44. You have to hunt down people with feijoa trees to make up for all the seasons you missed out on while overseas.  
  45. You’ll remember just how damn beautiful New Zealand really is and start being a tourist in your own country. 

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