50 Things Every Aucklander Has Said At Some Point

By Marilynn McLachlan
26th Apr 2016

Auckland is the land of great coffee, a buzzing food scene and plenty of events to keep busy 24/7. Sure, we get frustrated about things from time to time, but on the whole we’re pretty chuffed to be living here. But, there does seem to be things that we’ve uttered on more than one occasion…and we’re guessing you have too.

  1. “Have you been to Kmart lately? They’ve really upped their game!”
  2. “Why did they put lights at motorway onramps? They’ve just made it worse.”
  3. “I’ve just got back from my OE.”
  4. “I picked up an absolute bargain at DressSmart yesterday.”
  5. “Our mayor? Wait, what…we’ve still got one?”
  6. “When’s the next inorganic rubbish collection?”
  7.  “I’m going to join the gym. Seriously.”
  8. “Is it vegan?”
  9. “No! You cannot clean my windscreen!”
  10. “Popcorn, Coke and a movie costs how much?”
  11. “Let’s have a lunchtime meeting on Friday. With wine.”
  12. “Do you have a water bowl for my dog?”
  13. “Why is dairy so expensive when the cows are just down the road?”
  14. “Don’t even talk to me about rates.”
  15. “What’s the best hashtag for breakfast?”
  16. “The weather’s so bad you can’t even see the Sky Tower!”
  17. “It’s a long weekend—let’s get outta town.”
  18. “I love that place but they don’t take bookings.”
  19. “No, I’m not letting you into my lane, dammit!”
  20. “Who actually mows their lawns at 8am on a Sunday? No, seriously.”
  21. “Where’s the best hangover food?”
  22. “Over the bridge is too far to drive (from either direction).”
  23. “Stuff the hour and a half wait for a taxi. It’s Uber all the way!”
  24. “Huh? 3x price hike on an Uber? Let’s get a taxi!”
  25. “One day I’d like to get chickens.”
  26. “I’m trying to find a park. Be there soon.”
  27. “Why is the Big Save Furniture lady still yelling at us?”
  28. “Do you serve almond milk?”
  29. “Affordable housing is how much?”
  30. “Hey, mum, can I move back home?”
  31. “I hate malls.”
  32. “I have to go to the mall.”
  33. “It’s a beautiful morning, best I bring a coat and an umbrella.”
  34. “Can I leave work early to beat the traffic?”
  35. “Why did they stop mowing my berms?”
  36. “No, sorry I can’t come out this weekend, I had to pay my power bill.”
  37. “Have you tried that new food truck? No, the other one.”
  38. “Let’s go to your parent’s bach.”
  39. “No way! Briscoes is having a sale!”
  40. “There’s a horse in Ponsonby?”
  41.  “I’m going to do the Auckland Marathon next year.”
  42. “Oh, I have a friend that knows them.”
  43. “We’re the capital of New Zealand in everyway but name.”
  44.  “It’s Saturday. I’ll put on my gym gear and go to a café.”
  45. “Whoops, is this a one-way street?”
  46. “It’s cheaper to fly to Australia than the South Island.”
  47. “There was a white tail spider in my lounge last night.”
  48. “Trade Me is so expensive these days.”
  49. “They have such poor service here.”
  50. “Have you seen Hunt for the Wilderpeople? It’s the best!”

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Image credit: Visit Auckland via Flickr

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