50 Things Every New Zealander Remembers From Their Childhood

By Olivia Atkinson
15th Jun 2016

things new zealanders remember from their childhood

As far as countries go, us Kiwis have got a particularly rad one to call home. We can count ourselves lucky as punch for growing up in such a free and beautiful corner of the world. If you spent most of your childhood in New Zealand, there are probably a handful of memories that stick out like a sore thumb. 

From standout schoolyard antics to throwback food, here are 50 things New Zealanders remember from their childhood. 

  1. Lip Smackers. Who knew lip gloss could be so addictive?
  2. Birthday parties at Lollipops or Chipmunks. 
  3. Stuffing your face with fairy bread and cherrios at said parties. 
  4. Renting movies from Blockbusters and watching at home with PizzaHut. 
  5. “0800838383.”
  6. Total Girl magazine. Quality. 
  7. Calippo Shots and Juicies. 
  8. Forgetting your hat and having to stay inside during break. 
  9. Your favourite book was Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy. Runner’s up were The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Rainbow Fish, The Three-Legged Cat and We’re Going On A Bear Hunt. 
  10. Paper fortune tellers. “Blue, black, green or red.”
  11. Trying not too bail on those wooden gym vaults during P.E. 
  12. Asking for people’s autographs for your cool as autograph book. 
  13. Being a boss on the recorder. 
  14. Letting white glue dry on your hand so you could peel it off. Oddly satisfying. 
  15. Cranking out some sweet tunes with Melody Pops. 
  16. Getting all competitive playing Hungry Hungry Hippos. 
  17. Wanting your lunchbox to be filled with Rice Krispies Treats, Roll-Ups, Milo bars, Poppa Jacks, Twisties, Dunkaroos, Tiny Teddies and Marmite chip sammies. 
  18. McDonald’s Young Entertainers. ‘Nuff said. 
  19. Sniffing Mr. Sketch Scented Markers. We all had a fave. 
  20. Playing with slinkies and Koosh balls while wearing candy necklaces. 
  21. The sheer joy when a television was wheeled into the classroom. 
  22. Smashing MallowPuffs on your forehead before eating them. 
  23. Frolicking to the dairy for 50c lolly bags, Spaceman candy cigarettes, Hubba Bubba, K Bars and jet plane lollies.
  24. Trying to get all the colours on the 10 Colour Pens down at once. 
  25. The Longest Drink In Town. 
  26. Accidently smacking your brother with a paddle in swingball. 
  27. Being the proud owner of a ballerina jewellery box. 
  28. Spelling out ‘BOOBS’ on your calculator. 
  29. Playing spotlight and cops and robbers with your neighbourhood crew. 
  30. Holding a buttercup under someone’s chin to see if they like butter. 
  31. Having countless pairs of jelly sandals.
  32. Having Popsicles run down your arm in summer. 
  33. Deciding it’s a good idea to play touch on the lawn then end up getting prickles. 
  34. Getting lathered in Coppertone Suntan Lotion. 
  35. Playing on trampolines without netted enclosures and somehow managing to survive.
  36. Saying “night” to The Goodnight Kiwi before bed. 
  37. Rocking socks and jandals with no shits given. 
  38. Getting the life low-down from Harold The Giraffe in the Life Education Trust bus. 
  39. Silly Putty! How we miss you. 
  40. Running through sprinklers and rolling down hills like a human burrito. We all did it. 
  41. Lamingtons and custard squares. 
  42. Passing the time on Paint or playing the Nokia snake game. 
  43. “Ma is white, whero is red…”
  44. Progressing from Pumpkin Patch to Urban Angel and HBK. 
  45. Oh, and going crazy over the Mary Kate and Ashley clothing line at The Warehouse. 
  46. Speaking of: “The Warehouse, The Warehouse, where everyone gets a bargain.”
  47. Watching You and Me, Suzy’s World and Sticky TV after school, and WhatNow on the weekends.
  48. The monumental arrival of Disney Channel in December 2003 featuring That’s So Raven, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Phil of the Future and Kim Possible. 
  49. Strawberry and apple picking. 
  50. “Fish and chips, fish and chips, make me want to lick my lips…”

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