6 Of The Best Apps To Help You Find Inner Zen

By Lisa Fromont
13th Feb 2017

6 Of The Best Apps To Help You Find Inner Zen

Life in the City of Sails ain’t always good for the soul. If the traffic wasn’t enough, the ever-changing weather, constant road works, and the general hustle and bustle are sure to keep you high-strung and ready to blow your top at the next punk who pushes into your lane.

Thankfully, it’s 2017, and you don’t need to be in a serene water garden watching Koi fish to get some peace (even though that sounds dreamy). Prepare to be at one with the world, because we’ve found 6 apps that’ll make your mobile phone your new source of inner Zen!

Pocket Yoga

Bend and stretch your way to serenity with this no-wifi-needed yoga app—Pocket Yoga. Practice anywhere, for as little or as long as you like, and learn more about the poses and what they can do for your body. To make your portable yoga class even more soulful, your virtual instructor can teach you from inspirational settings, with a soothing voice and peaceful music. This app is the perfect way to wind down while wound up like a pretzel (Heard of the Pāśasana pose?).  


Say goodbye to stress, worries, and sleepless nights because using Headspace for 10-minutes a day will see that all go away. This app simplifies meditation, taking you on a journey of mindfulness and awareness through some wholesome brain training. Hakuna matata, folks.


Since colouring books for grown-ups hit the scene, they’ve been all the rage. There’s something so soothing about keeping in the lines, and watching the colours come together—hours can pass and you feel totally relaxed. So it’s no wonder this fad’s been digitised. With Colorfy, you can create masterpieces at the touch of your smartphone. Zen, here you come!

White Noise

How many people are lacking in the Zen department because they’re swarmed with distractions? Quite a few apparently, because people are fawning over the White Noise app.

No one wants to listen to the tired sounds of “Partner Snoring” or “Sharon At The Adjacent Desk feat. Tapping Pen”. Tune out and tune in to some real bangers, including “Light Rain Pouring”, “Boat Swaying in Water”, and who could forget “Oscillating Fan”?


Help your Bonsai Tree find the sun, and in the process, find your Zen with Prune. This minimalistic app will see you growing and pruning a Bonsai tree in a “forgotten landscape”, bringing life to your smartphone, and peace to your soul.


To find your inner Zen, it pays to understand your moods and feelings. Moods is an app that lets you create logs of your current mood to help you discover patterns and triggers. You might discover you feel agitated every morning at 8:45am, and really happy at about 1pm. But you probably didn’t need an app to tell you traffic makes you grumpy and lunchtime is the best ever. But truly, this app is a gem.

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