You Can Now Visit The House Where ‘It’ Lives

By Ruby Johnson
17th Aug 2017

WARNING: You won’t be getting any sleep tonight.

Last week we revealed the spooky news that Auckland is getting a horror festival and you loved it. And so…when we discovered something even more terrifying—so terrifying in fact we may have had a wee ‘accident’—we just had to pass it on. 

If Stephen King’s imagination hasn’t freaked you out enough, you now have the chance to tip-toe around the house “where It lives” and experience what it actually feels like to be stalked by a killer clown—at your own risk! Seriously, you even have to sign a waiver before you descend into the darkness because you’re basically selling your soul.

An exact replica of the spooky house featured in the It movie has been created nowhere other than the iconic Hollywood Boulevard. And, as the most anticipated horror film this year, this experience is going to make you think twice about flicking that light switch tonight.

The haunted house is two stories tall, with every room decked out in full décor and furnishings to look exactly like the movie –it’s what nightmares are made of. Professional actors are dressed to kill and will lurk around the devil’s playground terrorising visitors. And they’ll stop at nothing to send shivers down your spine. In fact, we already have the shivers.

As if we weren’t already dripping in sweat, the tour guide for the experience is the little boy from the movie, Georgie. And we all know how horror movies make the most innocent things unbearable—lullabies and dolls, no thanks, we’ll choose life!

The tour is split up into vulnerable groups of seven, so you can run, but you definitely can’t hide. Sorry to all the under 18s out there, but this event likes to sacrifice the old. To top it all off, entry is completely free (in exchange for your soul), so there are no excuses not to attend. We are frothing with jealousy right now of all the lucky people in Hollywood who can get the horror victim experience. But we must admit, we also feel so so good locked up in our homes.

The nail biting movie It is attacking NZ cinemas from September 7th. Watch your back…

The Deets

What: The It Experience

Where: Neibolt House, Hollywood Blvd

When: August 14th – September 10th

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