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All The Docos You Should Be Watching In August

By Chelsey Johnston
1st Aug 2018

Nothing gets us hyped more than a good documentary. It's basically all the fun of a classic Netflix binge, but you get to feel like an #intellectual and stock-up on world-wisdom for your next dinner party. Plus, let's be real. We love a good movie, but sometimes true stories are stranger, more captivating and (most of all) more tragic.

Here's 7 new documentaries you should be watching in August. 


We loooooove a good conspiracy theory—especially if there’s little green men involved. UFOlogist (who knew that was an actual job?) Steven M. Greer gives us the down low and the dirty on the US government’s knowledge of UFOs and alien life. It’s the kind of stuff you could also find through an eight-hour Google binge, but it’s definitely more appealing in this hour-and-a-half cinematic wrap-up. Grab your tinfoil hats!

Dark Web

Ah, the Internet. We all know and love it, but it’s also full of a bunch of scary stuff. This Showtime series explores a huge range of topics related to the internet (artificial intelligence, online relationships, VR, online trolls) including some nasty ones that aren’t for the faint-hearted. At 30 minutes an ep, they don’t go into huge amounts of detail, but Dark Web is a perfect docu-series to digest. Either episode by episode, or all at once in a huge binge.

Dear Zachary: A Letter To A Son About His Father

The trailer would get you hooked instantly, but honestly, we’d recommend you don’t. Seriously. Don't touch the play button. This one is more impactful if you go into it knowing nothing at all—just that it’s a film made for a son whose dad has passed away by his good friend. Have tissues. And a pillow to scream into. And the rest of the week off to think about it and cry even more.

Chasing Asylum

Refugees and asylum seekers dominate a lot of conversation in Australian politics. But most of the time no one really has much idea what they’re talking about. Ova Orner’s film Chasing Asylum explores the topic in a way that the evening news and newspapers rarely do, including interviews with refugees and their families themselves. In case you couldn’t guess, this film isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s pretty bleak, actually. But so worth a watch.

The Hunting Ground

This one’s been kicking around for a couple of years now, but if you haven’t watched it yet, put it on your list. It’s a hard watch, so don’t go into this lightly. The Hunting Ground focuses on sexual assault on university campuses. The shocking truth of how often it happens and, even more devastatingly, the lack of repercussions for assailants. On the plus side, this film has inspired new laws in California and New York and an overall better knowledge of the truth of this topic. Also, Lady Gaga released a pretty killer ballad for it.

My Mum’s Hotter Than Me!

Let’s get something a bit lighter to break up the doom and gloom. My Mum’s Hotter Than Me pushes the boundaries of ridiculousness. It's mums competing with daughters on who can be the tannest, fittest, blondest and ‘hottest’. It gives us some Kris Kardashian vibes, for sure. Take everyone with a grain of salt (remember, everyone's perception of beauty is different. Just because it looks shocking to us…) and enjoy.

Generation Wealth

We live in a society that’s obsessed with money—let’s face it. We all want to have enough dosh for fancy events, copious amounts of UberEats, a nice car, the trendiest clothes and iPhone number whatever. But that’s small change compared to the crowd in this doco. Filmmaker Lauren Greenfield explores people with, simply put, too much money. Don’t believe us? Peep the trailer to hear them say ‘plastic surgery for our dogs’. Jeez.

Three Identical Strangers

Imagine spending your whole life not knowing you had a twin…or a triplet? That’s the premise for this documentary, Three Identical Strangers, about three brothers who find each other at 19. They become a media sensation, but everything is not as it seems…Warning: this one might get you just the teensiest bit frustrated at the entire world and everything in it.

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