Ariana Grande’s Latest Collab With Reebok Has Just Dropped!

By Albert Cho
27th Jul 2018

Ariana Grande's Latest Collab With Reebok Has Just Dropped!

We like to think that the key to fashion is to keep things classic and timeless. When you want to get a lil’ bit fancy, they say a red lip with a little black dress is the way to go. When it comes to casual, you can never go wrong with some washed blue denim fitted jeans, a crisp white t-shirt and a stylish pair of sneakers.

Ariana Grande and Reebok have dug up an absolute treasure from way back, something that embraces Reebok’s retro past and living for the now. The Rapide runners feature the bold red and blue vector logo that marked the beginnings of this fashion-forward brand.

The simplistic design of the Rapide makes it a staple piece that should be added to anyone and everyone’s wardrobe. No matter who you are or where you’re going, the Reebok Rapide can do you know wrong! Dress it up or dress it down, minimalism is all the rage nowadays and with the added validation from Ari makes this one a dangerous classic.

Trends come and go but the Reebok Rapide’s are here to stay so get amongst it! Hit the streets and make a statement with these everlasting classics.

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