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Auckland Has A New Doughnut Delivery Service

By Jaiden Bhaga
13th Sep 2018

Auckland Has A New Doughnut Delivery Service

Just when we thought Auckland couldn’t get any sweeter, a new doughnut delivery service swings into town to drive the foodie scene into a frenzy! 

Meet DOE, a wondrous service serving up the humble doughnuts with a Pacific twist. Brought to us by Shenine Dube and Grace Tauber, the dynamic duo have drawn inspiration from both their Kiwi and Pasifika roots to bring us the ultimate sweet treat right to our doors. 

Transforming their mother’s own Raro doughnut recipe, they’ve spent a little over a year working to perfect their creations and they have absolutely nailed it! With flavours including pineapple pie, ginger crunch and crème brûlée it’s impossible to stop at just one bite into these bad boys. 

Delivered only on Fridays, these sweet treats will have you counting down the days until you can sink your teeth into their sweet goodness. 

Soft, chewy and totally scrumptious, place your orders and Doe not miss these marvellous creations. 

The Deets:

What: DOE doughnut deliveries
When: Every Friday
Why:  Doughnuts inspired by flavours of the Pacific? Why not!

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Image Credit: Jaiden Bhaga

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