Auckland Is Getting Its Own Dining In The Dark Experience!

By Emma Pickles
7th Mar 2017

Dinner In The Dark Auckland

Have you ever been on a date and agonised over the possibility of spinach in your teeth? Or fretted that while you’re slurping up a fork full of pasta you’ll get sauce all over your white top? Or worried that you eat too much? (Just us?) Or just been flustered because your lipstick is slowly rubbing off to show your natural lip colour? (The horror!)

Well don’t you worry because we have the solution for you! (Unless you’re afraid of the dark that is…)

Dans le Noir? (French for “in the dark”) are bringing their “dining in the dark” concept to Auckland!

You know the saying you eat with your eyes first? Well this time it’s gonna be a little different.

It’s going to be all about spontaneity, surprise and suspense to keep you on your toes. There are three menus hand crafted by head chef, Owen Rarity. You won’t know what they are. You won’t know what it looks like. You’ll have to rely on smell, taste and touch to get you through the night.

Give up your sight for a night and let the waitstaff guide you. In partnership with The Blind Foundation they will all be blind or have low vision in a unique role-reversal.

Book your tickets here because this will possibly be the most exciting dining experience of your life. Anything could happen in the dark.

P.S. We wouldn’t recommend wearing your best outfit because this has the potential to get a little messy.


What: Dans le Noir? dining experience
When: Thursdays to Sundays, March 24th to April 30th
Where: Rydges Hotel
How: Find out about dining session times and purchase your tickets here

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