Auckland’s Best Ice-Cream Sundaes

By Natasha Van Der Laan
1st Feb 2017

Auckland’s Getting A Pop-Up Ice Cream Sundae Market!

Ice cream is cool and stuff (pun intended) but, when it comes to dessert, sundaes are the crème de la crème (pun also intended). A magical thing happens when ice-cream collides with sauce, fruit and mouth-watering toppings.

Luckily for us, Auckland is making our sundae dreams come true with concoctions involving salted caramel fudge chunks, handcrafted marshmallows, butterscotch sauce and the crucial cherry on the top! Sound like a bitta you? Here are the best ice-cream sundaes in Auckland.



Whoopi’s sundaes are nothing short of indulgent. We’re talking creamy house-made soft serve topped with your choice of toppings. They literally have everything your heart could possible desire: caramel popcorn, hot chocolate fudge sauce, salted caramel fudge chunks, marshmallows and rainbow-coloured sprinkles. No sundae is complete without a whoopi cake half. Choose between red velvet, peanutella, dulce de leche and more. On ya, Whoopi!


Auckland City

At Miann’s Fort Street restaurant they whip up a daily sundae in spectacular style. It’s a chance for the talented chefs to work their magic and the result is nothing short of delish. Available from 3pm onwards, previous creations have included dark choc gelato with caramelised apricot and bitter chocolate crumb as well as mango gelato with passionfruit curd and raspberry meringue. Visit daily so you don’t miss out on the deliciousness.


Royal Oak

First opening on Valentine’s Day in 1973, Royal Oak’s iconic ice-cream parlour Ollies has stood the test of time—and is an absolute delight! Think black and white checkerboard floors, old-school arcade games and aaall the ice-cream! You can order a single, double or triple scoop sundae (or a banana split!) with your choice of ice-cream. There’s more than 20 flavours available including maple walnut fudge, rum and raisin, butterscotch pecan and cookie dough.

Food Truck Garage

City Works Depot and Ponsonby

Sundaes can be healthy too, y’know? At Food Truck Garage they have three sundae creations made with vanilla frozen yoghurt. The guilt-free toppings involve the likes of raspberry chia seed jelly, dark choc sauce, goji berries and almonds. The soft serve froyo is the real star of the here—it’s delightfully creamy and dreamy! We also rate their sweet caramel sauce that’s made with dates.

St Heliers Bay Café & Bistro

St Heliers

St Heliers Bay Café & Bistro keep punters happy by serving delish eats around the clock. Whether you’re visiting for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we highly suggest you finish things off with their knickerbocker glory sundae. It stars your choice gelato (you get two generous scoops!), topped with butterscotch sauce, honeycomb, marshmallows and chocolate shards. What’s really impressive is the fact that everything is handmade—from the salted caramel chocolate gelato to the gooey marshmallows! 

Burger Burger

Ponsonby, Newmarket and Takapuna

Known and loved for their mouth-watering burgers, Burger Burger also do equally delish desserts. Their sweet treats include a cookie sandwich, banana split, dessert burger (!) and—of course—sundae! The old-school dessert is made with Kohu Road’s vanilla ice-cream, lashings of rich chocolate fudge sauce and topped with whipped cream. It’s then decorated with the all-important cherry on top and a shard of pink wafer—too cute!

Village Co-Op

­St Heliers

Village Co-Op serves two of life’s greatest things: coffee and ice-cream. At the St Heliers’ ice-cream parlour they roll generous scoops of Joshua’s Ice Cream (a total Urban List fave!). The flavours are out of this world with handcrafted creations such as orange dark chocolate truffle, mint chocolate slice and butterscotch fudge. We can’t go past their warm choc brownie sundae that’s paired with decadent handmade brownie.

Minty B

Food Truck

Your dietary requirements are NBD (that’s no big deal) at Minty B’s food truck. Their soft serve is free from gluten and dairy and totally vegan-friendly. The velvety ice-cream is made from a heavenly blend of coconut and vanilla and they also do fruit-flavoured sorbet such as black Doris plum and guava. The cups of happiness are topped with condiments such as peanut butter bliss balls, gooey caramel slice and cookie dough.

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Image credit: Whoopi

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