Auckland’s Best Nachos

By Olivia Atkinson
4th May 2016

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Let’s cut to the chase—if you don’t like nachos, we are nacho friend. Mainly because who would deny themselves a plate a crunchy, gauc-topped goodness but also because nachos are a food of the people. Fact. Think about it…have you ever had a bad time tackling a huge serving of nachos with your mates? We didn’t think so (unless you don’t like them, obvs). 

In light of our love for nachos, we’ve crunched our way through Auckland to pin-point the best nachos in town. From traditional takes to vegan-friendly options, consider this your nacho bucket list. Dig in! 

Citizen Park 


Mince nachos have had their time. Citizen Park’s beef brisket nachos are where it’s at. They slow cook their brisket until it is unbelievably tender then pop it on top a plate of crispy corn chips with massive dollops of sour cream, tomato salsa, jalapenos and spice guacamole. Sound like a bit of you? You betcha. 

Mexican Café 

Auckland CBD

With a name like The Mexican Café you better make bloody sure that you dish out a plate of phenomenal nachos. Luckily, that’s exactly what this iconic inner-city restaurant does. All their nachos are made to share (don’t be a greedy guts) but you’ll want a plate of extra special nachos to demo solo. These bad boys are a pile of oven baked corn chips covered in cheese, onions, beans, chilli sauce, sour cream, a sprinkle of jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, gauc AND coriander, with your choice of chicken or beef. The term ‘food coma’ has never been more appropriate. 

Little Mexico Cantina

Auckland CBD 

A trip to this restaurant and tequila bar after trucking through the daily grind is an actual godsend. Nestled on Wellesley Street West, Little Mexico Cantina feels like a taco joint you’d find somewhere in Mexico itself. But we’re not talkin’ tacos, we’re talkin’ nachos and Little Mexico creates some of the best in Auckland. They keep things classic with refried beans, fresh taco sauce, bucketloads of cheese, sour cream, gauc and salad (eat yo greens). There are mild and spicy options but do yourself a favour and go for the latter. 

Marina Cantina 

Half Moon Bay 

Prefer your nachos with a view? Marina Cantina sits on the The Promenade in Half Moon Bay where you can slurp margaritas (hola, tequila) and enjoy a plate of their low ‘n slow brisket nachos with green salsa and curds. If your hankering for Mexican food is still alive after that, Marina Cantina also offer great ensaladas, quesadillas and taquerias. Yum, yum and, er, yum. 

Mr Shankly’s 

Food Stall 

All you vegans needn’t miss out on the nacho noming fun. Food stall, Mr Shankly’s has got your back in the form of gluten-free nachos. They’re topped with a soul-warming bean, tomato and corn mix then loaded further with a combo of tangy salsa, homemade chunky hummus, creamy mayo, jalapenos and olives. Totally worth a try—even if you’re a meat eater. 

Dos Amigos 

Mission Bay 

If nachos by the beach are your jam, Dos Amigos will supply you with the goods. Here they have some of the best nachos in Auckland. Choose between corn chips with chicken, beef or beans finished off with jalapenos, shaved onion, black olives, sour cream, gauc, pico de gallo and plenty of cheese. Mmm, mmm! 

Bandito Cantina 

St Johns 

The nacho menu at Bandito Cantina is an actual dream. They start with the basics of corn chips, cheese, black beans, gauc, pico de gallo and sour cream then give you the option to load it with pork or chicken chipotle, chicken gurrero, steak adobo, chilli con carne, chilli prawns OR the sizzling vege option. Live a little and get a drizzle of the habanero sauce for a damn hot nacho eating experience. 

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Image credit: Andrew Wilson

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