Auckland’s Most Colourful Dishes To Celebrate Pride

By Martha Brooke
25th Feb 2017

Auckland’s Most Colourful Dishes To Celebrate Pride

Auckland Pride Festival is in full swing and we couldn’t be happier! With so much to see, do and celebrate, Pride fest is all about showcasing and flaunting everything fabulous and wonderful in our LGBTQI society.

But why stop at colourful flags and flamboyant costumes? Let’s showcase this spectacular occasion through the art of food, too! For all things rainbow, vibrant and loud, check out our list of Auckland’s most colourful dishes in celebration of our LGBTQI community!

  1. Serving up some of Auckland’s best freak shakes this side of town, it comes at no surprise that the team behind Cereal Killa have created the ’Da Killa Rainbow’ shake for the month of February! Complete with all the rainbow sprinkles you could possibly need and a miniature cupcake to top it all off, it’s safe to say, we’re obsessed!
  2. Head into one of & Sushi’s stores and be prepared to want a piece of just about everything! Fill your box with the hand-crafted sushi rolls and watch your very own edible rainbow come to life!
  3. Bird On A Wire are famed for their no-nonsense, chicken-y goodness and kind-on-the-hip salad options. Their Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad is no different, either—it’s rainbow-tastic, fiery and has lunchtime written all over it!
  4. Nestled just off Dominion Road is the eclectic and funky Kiss Kiss. With their plastic, printed tablecloths and pink walls, the decor itself is funky with a capital F. Order their fried chicken steamed bun packed with vibrant red cabbage sauerkraut and bold yellow sriracha mayo and you’ve got yourself one heck of a colourful scene!
  5. Okay, so it may not be the most rainbow-rainbow-tastic dish in Auckland, but Major Sprout’s pancakes are every bit fabulous in their own right. C’mon, where else can you get pink, cotton-candy pancakes?!
  6. It’s Bambina’s signature dish and it certainly has every right to be. Their chia pudding is piled high in a coconut, topped with seasonal berries, mango, candied walnuts, edible flowers, rice syrup and coconut walnut. For a colourful Insta pic, look no further!
  7. It’s bold, it’s bright and it’s ever so tasty. That’s right, it’s True Food And Yoga’s, lassi granola. Made from beets, Greek yoghurt, granola seeds, oats and spelt, it’s a healthy, delicious treat!
  8. The Midnight Baker’s seasonal summer fruit granola is every bit colourful and every bit as gorgeous. We tip this your go-to Pride Festival brekkie!
  9. For a brightly coloured and equally as delicious lunch, hit up Geeks on Sainsbury, for their pork salad. Served with roasted veg, a vibrant green salad, tomatoes and endless, edible flowers, it’s a complete colour sensation!
  10. West Auckland’s Chikos serve up elegant and exquisite food on the reg and their wagyu bistek, is no different. Served with a Manuka smoked, bell pepper sphere, cauliflower puree, yuzu-soy, pickled red onion and peanut, it’s colourful and exceptionally pretty.
  11. A’meza’s food is bold, bright and expertly prepared. Take their sago pudding for example—complete with rhubarb and raspberry ‘soup’, green tea sponge and strawberries and honey, it’s nothing short of spectacular!
  12. Pretty much everything at Little Bird Organics is fun, fresh and every colour of the rainbow. Head into one of their stores and pick up a salad, smoothie bowl or tasty treat to satisfy your health-kick needs. Ps, their ‘that’s a wrap’ is a complete colour frenzy!
  13. Spilt Milk satisfy our brunch needs on the daily, and if you’re after some colourful, chowing down opps, look no further. Their smashed avo, beetroot relish bagel is a doughy and delightful treat!
  14. Order in the omega plate at Sip Kitchen, wash it down with either a beetroot, matcha or turmeric latte and you’ve got rainbow goals, right there!
  15. Pintu are the masters of everything simple, honest and damn right delicious. Their halloumi and watermelon salad is a healthy, squeaky and colourful feed, perfect for all you health nuts out there!
  16. Who can resist a bowl of fiery, red curry? We can’t, that’s for sure! White & Wong’s tofu red curry is an explosion of tastes, colour and flavour, making it ever so hard to resist!
  17. The name is in the title” ‘Three-coloured beetroot salad’. That’s right, Stafford Road Wine Bar’s latest addition is a bright, zingy and ever-so-tasty dish, complete with pickled kale, edamame, micro salad, sweet soy and raw or seared, yellow-fin tuna! Deeeelicious!
  18. Champ Canteen’s eggs on toast, isn’t just your average serving. Think honey-roasted carrots, smashed avo, goats cheese, tomato and The Midnight Baker toast and you’ve got yourself a rainbow brekkie right there!
  19. Boy, are we glad it’s tomato season right now! Brimming with these red gems, along with fresh basil, mozzarella, edible flowers and smoked, black cherries, Welcome Eatery have certainly got their caprese salad game down!
  20. They’re every colour of the rainbow, they’re filling our Insta feeds and they are damn-right delicious! Shaka Bowl poke are the new lunchtime kings in town and if you haven’t been there, you are truly missing out!
  21. The courgette spaghetti from Chuffed is a true work of art. Complete with heirloom beets, charred corn, cashew pesto and the choice of getting the lime, gin and beetroot-cured salmon to go with, it’s bright, bold and ever so moreish!
  22. We are at it again with the eggs on toast and this time you’ll find it at Odettes. With whipped, Persian feta, avo, tomatoes, poached eggs, sourdough and bacon, it’s not only a feast on the eyes, it’s also a feast for your tum!
  23. Hello Friends + Allies have got your latest Insta pic sorted. Introducing their shashoke granola with lavender panna cotta! It’s simply beautiful and extremely yummy!
  24. Order in the garden plate at Garden Wholefoods and prepare to leave full and happy. With avo, sourdough, heritage tomato, spinach, crumbed feta and soft boiled egg, it’s a true delight of the senses!
  25. Fancy something sweet? Hit up J'aime Les Macarons for a delicate and delicious treat. With amazing flavour combos and coming in every colour possible, it’s gonna be hard choosing which ones to eat first!
  26. We are loving The Culpeper’s tuna poke and we think you will too. With hunks of tuna, cucumber, avo and sesame, it’s a brightly-coloured, fishy feast that we can’t get enough of!
  27. This one’s a biggie. Riverhead Tavern’s, ‘taste of the ocean seafood platter’ is full of colour, flavour and only the best seafood. Think seared scallops, kingfish, sliced salmon, oysters and more—it’s a sharing plate that’s pretty hard to share!
  28. Little Jimmy’s pork belly dish is a colourful feast, that’s for sure. With bright pops of oranges from the carrot, lush greens from the broccolini and pinks from the pickled ginger, it sure is easy on the eye!
  29. Almost anything you order from Bowl and Arrow will be hella pretty and hella tasty. With fresh fruit galore, smoothie bowl bases and other toppings and colours to boot, this is serious #breakfastgoals

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