Psst! An Epic New Food Laneway Opens This Week!

By Albert Cho
14th Jun 2018

Auckland's New Food Laneway Is Finally Here!

Back in 2016, we were raving about how Auckland was getting a New York Style food laneway and we cannot believe that time has gone by this fast and it’s finally here!

Queen’s Rise is located on Queen Street, a.k.a., the central heart of Auckland City and will be opening their doors for us to enjoy from the 21st of June! This laneway is set to be the hottest foodie destination in Auckland by taking it to the next level with 11 new eateries. Yup, 11 eateries serving up different cuisines, all in one lane to save us from the time and tiring cardio of eating our way through the city.

There is literally something for everyone and anyone to chow down on at Queen’s Rise as it caters to all cravings and every occasion. We’ll just give you guys a little run down on the eateries this laneway has on offer so you all get an idea of the level of epicness that’s ahead.

Ottoman Mezze Lounge

Turkish cuisine has been the new thing to get amongst in Auckland lately. The dining culture of sharing and enjoying platters of flavourful food over long sessions of conversation has won the hearts of many Aucklanders. Queen’s Rise will be featuring a Turkish inspired restaurant called Ottoman Mezze Lounge with a luxurious fit out but laid-back culture and we could not be more excited!


The owners of Culprit, otherwise known as the masterminds behind the infamous Whittakers Chocolate and Pic’s peanut butter mousse dessert with caramel popcorn are opening up an eatery at the new laneway. Lowbrow will feature a fast food concept and judging by the waffle fries at Culprit, they know how to whip up a good grub.

Dante’s Pizzeria

You can never ever go wrong with pizza, especially authentic Italian, woodfired pizza! Dante’s has been serving up some of the best pizza in town and is located in the laneway in Ponsonby and Takapuna, it would almost be out of the ordinary if they weren’t included in this one!

Nourish Pod

If you’re a health nut and pizza just isn’t on the daily agenda, don’t you fear as Nourish Pod is finally here. After making a name for themselves as the masters of smoothie bowls and acai in Hamilton, they have finally made the decision to open up a store in the streets of Auckland. Smoothie bowls aren’t the only thing that will be at this eatery. There’s also be the classic avo on toast, raw treats and so much more.

Poké Bar

An Auckland eatery is not complete in this day and age without a good old poké bowl shop. Poké Bar started off in Ponsonby and their use of incredibly fresh ingredients has made them one of the best poke bowl restaurants in Auckland. Their protein selection doesn’t just stop at salmon, tofu and tuna. They go all the way with scallop, shrimp and octopus and it’s 10/10 yum.

Tokyo Loco Bowl

If you’re someone who prefers something more cooked and fried than a fresh poké bowl, Tokyo Loco Bowl will also feature at Queens Rise. Donburi’s are a Japanese cuisine that are basically just a bowl of drool-worthy goodness. Fried chicken, rice, veggies and mayo all in one bowl creates magic for the taste buds and there’ll be other options of meat and toppings as well if fried chicken ain’t your thing.


Japanese cuisine isn’t the only Asian option that will feature at Queen’s Rise. Panda will be serving up freshly made dumplings and dim-sum so we can all get our authentic Chinese food fix. Dumplings have been enjoyed by Aucklanders for quite some time now and we’re so pumped that we don’t have to venture out to the streets in Balmoral every time we crave them!

Potato & Me

When all goes to worse, you know you can always rely on that one special carbohydrate. It’s simple, it’s versatile and it’s none other than a potato. Queen’s Rise knows what’s up and how comforting and tasty a potato can be and they have opened up Potato & Me to dedicate the respect the holy potato deserves!

Dolly Bird

Similar to Potato & Me, Dolly Bird showcase simplicity at its finest. Amongst all the creative dishes that Auckland eateries has to offer, sometimes all you want is a soul-warming, comforting, hearty sandwich with some top quality bread and premium meat. Get your sandwich fix at Dolly Bird and kick that craving the best way you possibly can!


Don’t let all these casual eateries get you thinking that you can’t get your fancy on at Queen’s Rise! Grace is where you can really get your bougie on and live your best life while drinking premium champagne and starting off your fine dining experience with a platter of fresh oysters. Grace will also feature a wide menu of cocktails and craft beer along with a long list of wines – new after work drinks spot perhaps?

Jar Story

Packed lunches don’t mean you have to compensate taste, quality and nutritional value. Jar Story will have salad jars that are perfect for on-the-go for a feed that’s absolutely free of guilt but packed with delicious flavour and your daily dose of nutrients.

The Deets:

  • What: Queen's Rise
  • When: 21st June 2018
  • Where:125 Queen Street, Level 1 (Entrance From Heritage Entrance & Swanson Street)

Image Credit: Supplied 

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