Axe-Throwing Is Coming To Auckland, Here’s Why It’s Your New Obsession

By Urban List Writers
19th Jul 2019

Axe throwing comes to Auckland

The satisfaction of landing your first axe in a target is one of life’s most primal joys. It’s also not bad for blowing off steam. Aggression has no business being pent-up, and while some people opt to work off stress with high intensity workouts, maybe some yoga, or self-destructive behaviour, we reckon it’s way more effective to throw axes at the problem. That way you get the physical release of the act of axe-throwing, plus the thrill of wielding an actual weapon, and, if you’re good at it, gloating rights for hitting the bullseye.

The concept is simple and that’s why it’s ingenious. Despite sounding quite intimidating, axes don’t discriminate! Axe throwing is a back to basics activity, rewarding technique over strength.

New Zealand’s first and only axe throwing company has had an epic first year in the windy city, and after taking Wellington by storm, Sweet Axe Throwing Co are opening their axe-flinging enterprise in downtown Auckland.

Chucking axes at large wooden targets in a cool industrial space and Aucklanders can now see what all the fuss is about.

Bookings officially open on 22 July, where you and seven of your mates can book in a two-hour session. For $50 per person you’ll score one-on-one training from an axe-pert, followed by a double elimination round robin tournament with your crew to find out who is the best lumber Jack or Jill in your group. 

The Deets

What: Sweet Axe Auckland 
Where: 110 Nelson Street, Auckland central
When: From the 222nd July, 2019

Image Credit: Supplied

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