10 Dishes To Eat If You’re Actually A Giant Kid

By Martha Brooke
9th Mar 2017

Dishes To Eat If You’re Actually A Giant Kid

If the daily struggle is starting to take its toll and you’ve had enough of trying to ‘adult’, instead of flinging your toys out of the pram and throwing a tantrum in the middle of Countdown, put that dummy back in and listen up. Sometimes all you want is to be tucked in bed, teddy in arms, ready to take on a day of colouring outside the lines. Unfortunately we can’t help with that, however we can help with the food side of things—as always!

If you’re after the ultimate nostalgic meals and are ready for #throwback, we have rounded up 10 of Auckland’s best dishes to eat if you’re actually a giant kid!

Cookies N’ Cream Killashake

Cereal Killa

It’s messy, it’s oozing with chocolate and it’s damn right delicious! Cereal Killa is a top choice for all things #treatyoself and is the perfect Dominion Road destination if you fancy owning a whipped cream moustache. Piled high with Oreos, sprinkles, choccie sauce and made with a tonne of ice cream, their cookies n’ cream killashake is a sure fire way to get that sugar high! Sorry mum and dad!

Baked Cookie Dough

Big Fish Eatery

Secretly sneaking tastes of raw cookie dough before they went into the oven, was a thing of pure beauty and stealthiness as a kid. As an adult, things don’t have to be any different. Forget Mission Impossible-style moves, Big Fish Eatery are more than happy to bring their baked cookie dough right to your table! With three variations on this dessert, all come complete with ice cream and a whole lotta ‘yums!’

Dippy Eggs & Soldiers


This is old school at its finest and one which many adults still indulge in. Dippy eggs and soldiers are a great brekkie option for when dunk-worthy yolks are all you want and need. Head over to Freeman Bay’s Queenies for your dippy egg fix. With both Marmite and Vegemite on offer to give your soldiers that va va voom, your inner-child and your belly will be thanking you!

Banana Split


You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! As a kid, banana splits were bad-ass and with one of your five a day making a cheeky appearance, your mum and dad wouldn’t moan too much. Ollies parlour has been serving up treats for more than 40 years, so it comes at no surprise that their banana splits are nothing short of spectacular. Served with wafers, ice cream, whipped cream and a cherry on top, it’s got us reaching for the napkins!

Fish Finger Sandwich

Fort Greene

If there was ever a more comfort-food-worthy, kiddie meal and damn right delicious treat wrapped into one, it would have to be the ever humble, fish finger sandwich. Instead of relying on the frozen variety to cure those cravings, get yourself over to Fort Greene for their culinary take on this childhood classic. Their homemade kahawai fish fingers are sandwiched between mushy peas, tartare and freshly baked bread. Mummy, please can we have one?!

Hawaiian Pizza

North Park

Kids love it, adults love it and for those who don’t, we don’t know what pineapple ever did to you, but it has gotta be one of the best pizza toppings, ever! As a kid, there was nothing better than going to a party and finding out that there was pizza - and not just any pizza, Hawaiian pizza! If you’re reading this and you’re mouth starts salivating, head over to North Park to stop those cravings and to stop a mess from occurring. Their take on this cult classic is deeeelicious!

P.B.J Bagel

Best Ugly Bagels

Name a more iconic duo than peanut butter & jam, we dare you. It’s been the glue holding our childhoods together and it is one of the most—if not the most—delicious sandwich filling ever! Popping it between two slices of budget sandwich bread is a quick fix, but if you are after the ultimate peanut butter and jam taste sensation, get yourself over to Best Ugly Bagels for a slathered, toasted bagel topped off with the duo in question. You won’t regret it.

Coke Float

The Fed

Okay, so it’s not technically a dish, but after drinking one of these bad-boys, you probably won’t be getting up in a hurry. Coke floats dominated after-school hangouts and we kinda wish they would take the place of after work drinks. Well, maybe with a shot or two of rum thrown in for good measure! The Fed, amongst all the cheesecake and poutine goodness, still sell this beloved beverage. Choose from cherry Coke, regular Coke or root beer, as you try and persuade the office to join!

Chip Butty

Fish Fish

If mum was away and dad couldn’t be bothered to cook, chances are you’d both indulge in a chip butty. You’d slather it in ketchup or brown sauce (ketchup for the win!) and chow down while watching TV. Ahhh those were the days! If you feel like taking a trip down memory lane and can’t be arsed to cook, we won’t judge —no, no—we’ll point you in the direction of Fish Fish instead. For just a measly six bucks, you can grab yourself a chunky chip-filled buttered sammie! Yes please!

Frank N’ Beans


Heinz/Watties were once famous for serving up tins upon tins of sausages and spaghetti to families worldwide. A meal-in-one, these cans of goodness were simply heated and poured over buttery toast. Now we’re all grown up, it seems that Watties have too. Fred’s however, have not. Serving up an epic portion of ‘frank n’ beans’, their variation includes pork and fennel sausages, Boston baked beans with a side of crusty sourdough. For a throwback, brekkie fix, Fred’s have got you covered!

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Image credit: Cereal Killa

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