Gnocching On Heaven’s Door | Auckland’s Best Gnocchi

By Olivia Atkinson
28th Jul 2016

Auckland’s Best Gnocchi

Eating gnocchi is like having a giant hug…from a pasta-dumpling hybrid. It warms you from the inside and leaves you feeling stuffed and satisfied in all the right ways. What’s not to love about a big bowl of gnocchi? The answer is nothing. 

Made from semolina, wheat flour or potato, these yummy balls are smothered in rich sauce, tossed with fresh cheese or left to shine alone in their pillowy glory. To help you fulfil your gnocchi dreams, we’ve found the best gnocchi dishes in Auckland. Buon appetito!



This little Italian restaurant is truly one of a kind. Venosa feels like home and itself is home to some outstanding gnocchi. Sit back, sip on an Italian red and get some home made potato gnocchi on your fork. It’s made with a whole lotta love and served in a to-die-for field mushroom, cream and truffle sauce. 

Gusto at the Grand 

Auckland City 

Italian food is made to share, and we already know that this is where Gusto at the Grand shines. When it comes to the gnocchi though, trust us when we say that you’ll want a whole plate to yourself. Their light, cloud-like gnocchi works in harmony with an “orgy” of mushrooms and Clevedon Buffalo ricotta for a rustic yet decadent gnocchi experience. It’s a winner.  

Pasta & Cuore 

Mt Eden 

This Mt Eden gem is home to some heavenly gnocchi. Pasta & Cuore makes their pasta dishes from scratch and their potato gnocchi is no exception. Choose between free-range chook ragout with porcini mushrooms and the sautéed vegetable options. Whatever gnocchi road you take, expect good things (and to enjoy it with a glass of vino or two). 

Major Sprout

Auckland City 

Gnocchi for breakfast? Heck yes! Major Sprout are always pushing the brekkie boundaries and the mushrooms and gnocchi are not to be missed. This dish involves a pretty plate of pickled oyster and pan-fried mushies, truffled potato gnocchi and a 62° hen’s egg. Add pancetta and you’ve got yourself one sensational start to the day. 



Who knew that Remuera could have its very own slice of Italy? Spacca offers a huge selection of tasty dishes straight out of Naples but it’s the gnocchi that (g)needs your attention. There’s the Gnocchi Zola (gorgonzola and walnut sauce) and its more rustic cousin Gnocchi Napoli (tomato and mozzarella sauce). Should you order both? Yes, yes you should. 


Auckland City 

Gnocchi needn’t be a hearty carbo-loaded dish. Pilkingtons keeps things light on the gnocchi front by using Mahoe blue cheese, golden sultanas, cauli, almond and orange. It’s zingy and has all the right textures going on. There are two different portion sizes available but, as always, we recommend the ‘go big or go home’ approach. 



We love Ortolana for many reasons, one of them being their gnocchi. Everything at Ortolana is created with a farm-to-table concept in mind and their gnocchi is no different. Their gnocchi of the season features wood mushroom and sunchoke (Jerusalem artichoke) and it’s a total delight.


Auckland City 

Vivace’s kumara gnocchi is something spesh. Not only is does it showcase the versatility of our native sweet potato, it’s a match made in heaven with the herbed chicken and creamy tomato sauce. It’s creamy enough to be rich without being too heavy and bloaty. 


New Lynn 

This authentic Italian restaurant knows a good gnocchi. In fact, Settebello has not one, but FOUR gnocchi dishes. Go hearty with their rich ragu Bolognese or four formaggi (mozz, Buffalo ricotta, gorgonzola and parmigiano), or keep things fresh via pesto or tomato gnocchi. Whatever you choose, you’ll be gnocching on heaven’s door in no time.  

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Image credit: Jackielyn Powell

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