GoodFor Has Opened In Parnell!

By Nina Franklin
21st Feb 2018

GoodFor Has Opened In Parnell!

Living a plastic-free, waste-free life is becoming a popular fad and unlike most other fads, this is one we can get behind. GoodFor Wholefoods Refillery opened its doors in Ponsonby in 2017 and had enormous success, being New Zealand's first zero waste, zero plastic, bulk wholefoods store and they've now opened up their second store in Parnell!

GoodFor is jam-packed full of goodness with over 400 dry goods, oils and vinegar on tap as well as kombucha on tap, eco store cleaning products and personal hygiene products, but the thing we love the most about this progressive store is that you can bring in your own packagings, such as glass jars, bottles and bags. The staff will weigh your packaging first and then that weight is deducted after you've filled everything up.

The store is backed by eco-warriors (and brothers)—James and Paul Denton, who have always dreamed of changing the way society shops and love the idea that having a "packageless pantry" will be as common as having a fridge in a kitchen. And rightly so, because believe it or not approximately 352,000 tonnes of packaging goes into landfills every year...a pretty dire thought, really.  To add to the eco-hero status of this store, GoodFor has teamed up with an incredible charity— "Trees for the future," were for every purchase made GoodFor donates the means to plant a tree and last year was able to plant 35,000 trees thanks to their shoppers!

This new space, located on St Georges Bay Road in Parnell, has an incredibly clean and stylish feel, with high ceilings and a communal bench, which allows shoppers to free up their hands as they browse the store. Its also parked up right next to La Cigale French Markets, which means shoppers can get their fresh fruit and produce then pop along to GoodFor for all of their organic pantry goods, without all of the unnecessary packagings that a standard supermarket creates.

We're absolutely loving everything this sustainable business stands for. Not only will you be nourishing your body with the best organic ingredients and products, but you will be saving the environment, one mason jar at a time aaaaaand your pantry will look super stylish to boot. It's a winning sitch all-round. 

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