6 Hacks For Staying Fit This Winter

By Rachel Pool
7th Jun 2016

Hacks For Staying Fit This Winter

If these plummeting temperatures are making you want to curl up into a ball and never leave the duvet…we feel ya. You’re not alone, Young Lazy One—but that doesn't make it right.

Being fit is something we should all be striving to achieve and maintain all year round. Fitness does wonders for the mood and immune system—two very important things to get us out of the season alive.

We’ve rounded up some handy hacks that will get that bod back into movement mode.

1. Make It Work

We know how much it sucks trying to exercise before or after that thing that occupies us for almost every single hour of weekday daylight #worklyf. Instead, adjust your schedule and make it work for you. Use that lunch break to get your sweat on—there’s no dining al fresco anyway. Ditch lunch at your desk and take heed of our advice in how to workout in your lunch hour.

2. Roll Outta Bed And Into Your Gears

If morning exercise is your thing—it does leave those important socialising hours open—make it as easy as possible for yourself. We know some people who sleep in their running gear so that they can literally run out the door.

A slightly less extreme hack is to get your stuff ready the night before. Go as far as packing your exercise gear and having it right next to bed to minimize the number of frozen steps required. Make breakfast the night before and pack all your work clothes so you can go straight to the gym. That nightly bit of effort will mean you’re less likely to hit snooze 16 times…

3. Buy New Gears 

Buy new stuff. Honestly. Yes, it’s materialistic and playing into the consumeristic-centric society that we live in…but it works. For most of us, a new pair of yoga pants may just be what gets us out and moving again. Likewise, a new pair of shoes may inspire marathon winning goals.

4. Make The Most Of Junk Free June

June is the hardest month for many. It can stimulate serious hibernation mode and a desire to drown in a bowl of brown sugar, cream and a little bit’a porridge. Those winter layers aren’t fooling anyone, people. Get yourself in check by giving up a vice you know you’d be better off without. It’s the mental challenge more than anything. Prove to yourself (and the haters) that you really can go without.

Come Dry July, you may just be ready to switch the test up slightly and forgo alcohol for 31 days—that lack of hangovers will do wonders for the fitness motivation. Check out our hacks for suriving Junk Free July and/or Dry July here.

5. Take On A Challenge

Make a goal for spring to get you through—there’s the North Shore Marathon in September and the Great Barrier and Auckland Marathons in October. If there’s anything that’ll get us pounding the pavement, it’s investing our hard-earned dollars in a race registration and some new runners.

If the very thought of running sends you into a cold sweat, try a 30-day yoga challenge. Many studios offer them at various times throughout the year or grab a monthly pass and make yourself do it! That might seem highly optimistic, but once you’ve stepped out of the cold and into a balmy 40-degree bikram yoga room, you may find the commitment you need.

6. Quit The Excuses

It all comes down to this: quit the complaining and the incessant excuse-making. Make sure you have a spare hair tie with you, your water bottle is in your bag and you have both your shoes. Set two alarms. Don’t let yourself be your own barrier!

Fuel yourself with healthy eats. Check out Auckland’s Best #CleanEats.

Image credit: Bridget Jones 

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