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Here’s Where To Pick Your Own Produce In Auckland For FREE!

By Nina Franklin
12th Dec 2017

Here’s Where To Pick Your Own Produce In Auckland For FREE!

Pssssst. We’re about to let you in on a little secret. What if we told you that there’s an interactive Google Map of New Zealand that shows you where to pick fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts, fungi and sea bounty for FREE!? Well, you’re in luck because The New Zealand Fruit and Food share map allows people to add their own fruit and veggie trees as well as clicking on other pin drops that people have added for free produce for the picking.

Here are some of the bountiful items you can collect if you live here in Auckland.

Happy picking!

1. Avocados

This one is a biggie, coz evvvvvvvveryone loves a good avo but man are they expennies! Well what if we told you, you could visit a whole field full of them and you can pick your heart’s desire of avos….. for free!? And when we say heart’s desire, we mean five per person, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers! Yep, this is not a drill! Otuataua Stone Fields in Mangere is has a number of trees where you are allowed to take these delicious treats home for free. . So, the next time you’re feelin’ like a bit of smashed avo on toast, just take a drive out to this historic site and pick your own. Just remember to be respectful of the land and its residents!

2. Blackberries

Blackberries are another fruit we love to eat but don’t love to buy. We’re not too keen to pay an arm and a leg for a punnet of these babies, because one or two is never enough and you need at least a handful or two in your smoothie. Blackberries have so many health benefits and taste delicious so its only natural you’d want to go on a scavenger hunt for these bad boys. Word has it that they’re growing at the very top of Sunnyvale Road in Massey, West Auckland. Good luck with your hunt!

3. Chestnut Tree

Just in time for allll the Christmas desert recipes, there’s a chestnut tree you can collect the nutty goodness from. Feeling like a chocolate, chestnut cheesecake? Yep us too! Well apparently these little nutty friends of ours are found in the burb of Henderson, behind the West Wave Aquatic Centre. Happy chestnut spotting!

4. Peach Tree

Peaches are another juicy fav amongst fruit fanatics. Not only are they super tasty but they’re super healthy. And, they go AWESOME in a peach cobbler. Good thing they grow in Taylors Park, Mount Eden on the Mont Le Grand Road side. You heard it first from us, folks!

5. Loquat Tree

Remember running around your local neighbourhood and steeling armfuls of those little yellow, juicy balls that grow on trees? Yep, those were the days! But for some reason, loquat trees seem few and far between these days. Well, our intel has told us that there’s a tree absolutely laden with them growing at the intersection of Foster Road and SH16 north west of Auckland and if you find some, bring some back for us, will ya?

6. Passionfruit

Passionfruit are another fruit that get us all excited. The tropical, tangy flavour goes great on top of ice cream. Bu,t as much as we love them they take a loooooooong time to grow from a vine to proper fruiting size! And if you can’t be bothered waiting that long then head along to the corner of Great South Rd and Watson Place in Papatoetoe to have a passionfruit or two.

7. Apple And Pear Trees

Our final spot to pick some delicious produce is the Heron Park reserve in Waterview, West Auckland. We’ve been told that this reserve is teaming with apple and pear trees. Yep, you heard that right. But don’t be greedy, save some for the rest of us, too. Cheers!

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