Horoscopes: Your Co(s)mic Week Ahead

By Steph Lenehan
25th Oct 2016


Here we go again, sipping some peppermint tea and absolutely not googling ‘how to write star signs’. The Urban List is here to guide you through this week and help you make great life choices, kind of like the parents who told you to stop calling twice a day. We have done the hard work and replaced uncertainty with certainly amazing times.


Listen up little fishy friends. If you’ve been feeling a tad on edge lately, you might have old mate Mercury to blame. It’s been circling a bit too close for your liking and is making your blood positively boil! We recommend swimming downstream for a chance to cool off.

Where you need to go this weekend: Have a getaway and give glamping a go. 


Look at you with a coffee in one hand and smartphone in the other. You are hardly recognisable as the little kid who grew up on a farm. But even though you’re a total city-slicker now who has travelled everywhere and knows oodles about culture you want to reconnect with your roots. You’re an original BBQ shape and proud of it.

Where you need to go this weekend: Take your international friends here for a non-tacky BBQ night.


If you and your partner have been having trouble and you’re feeling like you’re the one who needs to change, this week might just prove you wrong. You are more perfect than a rainbow paddle-pop on a sunny day.  *Tip* if they don’t share food, they don’t share your heart.

What you need to check out this weekend: You can love food and love love just be aware of the signs


Despite your best efforts, people just aren’t doing what you want them to this week. We say Miley Cyrus is us this weekend and not in an uncomfortable Robin Thicke meets Coles ad way, but a “forget the haters” way. Dine by yo’ fine self this weekend at a place where you can make friends and bond over what great taste you both have.

Where you need to go this weekend: Fill up on cheap and cheerful food here.


What a week you’ve had! You’ve declined every invite because you’ve had so much work to do, you can’t remember the last time you called a family member and you’re proud of yourself for going to bed before the clock hits double digits. Not to say there’s anything wrong with that but you could definitely use a bit of fun…

Where you need to go this weekend: Take your pick of exciting activities here.


You’ve lived in Auckland for two years now and still only know the one place to buy coffee? Fiery little Leo, go and explore this magnificent world. You don’t have to go to an underground club or scavenge the town for a pop-up food stall. What you need is a modern café with trendy twists on classic meals.

Where you need to go this weekend: Delicious breakfast and tasty coffee has been taken care of here.


It feels like every time you understand something – it changes. Pop-ups, matcha tea, loaded donuts, kale, it’s all too much! The sun is in your horizon this week, meaning the only thing you need to do this week is eat or drink whatever you the heck you want! Don’t listen to trends or friends or us. Well… You should probably listen to us.

Where you need to go this weekend: get yourself one of Auckland’s top boozy milkshakes here.


So obviously you took our amazing advice from last week and spent quality time with a friend and our now seeking out our wisdom for another home-run. Well the man on the moon is making it clear you can have fun at home. Invite everyone (or maybe just two or three people, let’s not get crazy) and impress your guests with this super cool treat!

What you need to do this weekend: Auckland's Best Fries? You had me at F.


Who cares where Saturn is or whether Mars is in retrograde. You have far bigger things in your destiny. Do you think that it’s just coincidence that your birthday falls under the same zodiac of World Pasta Day? If you don’t celebrate its kind of like betraying the gods. And you probably shouldn’t do that.

Where you need to go this weekend: Why not get a table here.


Will this year ever end? You wonder to yourself as you kick your shoes off at the door and sit on the couch. The last thing you want to do is make dinner, with all of that stirring and chopping and fanning off the squealing smoke detector. Before you settle and tell yourself that baked beans is a nutritional dinner, we have a much better solution.

What you need this weekend: We take care of you, they take care of your stomach.


Your cheat day turned into your cheat week that has now lasted 3 months. We get it! When you live in a brunch capital like Auckland its super hard to avoid pancakes and waffles and loaded donuts. We suggest walking (yes, walking) down to Orakei and indulge in as much healthy juices and dishes your stomach will allow.

Where you need to go this weekend: Find all of the healthy, juicy goodness at TRUE food and yoga.


Confusion sets in when you’ve woken up in a stranger’s apartment on the other side of town wondering how you got there. It wasn’t your Tinder guardian angel who sent you to Herne Bay, it was your inner brunch spirit, guiding you to a better place. A place with goji berries and avocado.

Where you need to go this weekend: Find your shoes and head over here.


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