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House of Mirrors Is Coming To Auckland!

By Bella Askelund
24th Jan 2018

House of Mirrors Is Coming To Auckland!

Holy smokes! Put down your coffee and prepare to have your socks knocked off—a mesmerising art establishment is hitting Auckland shores offering an optical illusion like never before! Introducing House of Mirrors: a massive outdoor, walk-through labyrinth, composed of seemingly endless mirrors ready to ghost your every sense. We'll put it this way guys, if you thought Black Mirror was trippy, then this is about to blow your frickin’ mind.

After creating havoc at festivals throughout Australia, the House of Mirrors spectacle has rapidly risen into the limelight. Created by two talented Australian artists, Cristian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney, this utopia is set to take up space at Silo Park during the Auckland Arts Festival—yippee. Ultimately, it allows you to question everyday perceptions and take creative freedom into your own hands. Just call us Picasso.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be thinking a House of Mirrors tour is the perfect addition to a long lunch at Wynyard Quarter. Any excuse to hit Baduzzi for some meatballs, right? Well, as it turns out, liquid courage may be essential at a time like this because, let's be honest, one reflection in the morning is enough to shock our senses—imagine that multiplied by the dozen! Yep, liquor is definitely essential...

Don’t fret though, head along during the daytime and House of Mirrors is nothing short of a friendly fam affair. You'll find canine friends checking our their behinds, toddlers admiring their angles and of course, every Millennial in the big smoke getting their hotshot 'gram. 

House of Mirrors is 40 tonnes of steel and 15 tonnes of glass that you simply cannot afford to miss. Pencil it in, wear an eccentric outfit and quite frankly, be there or be square. 

The Deets: 

What: House of Mirrors at Silo Park. 
When: 8 - 25 March during the Auckland Arts Festival. 
How: General admission tickets at the venue, $12.50 pp. 

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