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How To Have The Best 21st Birthday Ever

By Martha Brooke
16th Mar 2017

How To Have The Best 21st Birthday Ever

Before your friends and fam start singing Happy Birthday, popping those bottles and setting up streamers, have you even decided what to do for your big ‘2’ ‘1’?! Hitting this momentous occasion is a complete milestone and should be celebrated appropriately (or inappropriately—you decide).

With this in mind, here at The Urban List, we want your birthday to go off with the bang it deserves. Whether you want to party like there’s no tomorrow or do something completely left of field, listen up, grab a pen and get those invites out!

Throw A Kid’s Party

The stresses of uni are piling up, you have no idea how taxes work and you long for the days where your five-year-old self only had to worry about not sticking too many sequins on the dog. So why not throw a childhood birthday party complete with cakes, clowns and party bags? For extra brownie points, organise a bouncy castle in the garden for the ultimate blast from the past! You’re never too old, trust us.

Give Yourself 21 Challenges

If the idea of visiting just the one nightclub or bar for your birthday night out sounds a bit ‘meh’, visit 21 instead. It’s only fitting, right? Work your way around your favourite drinking destinations and order one drink from each place—be smart though and make the most of the epic mocktails our fine city knows how to serve up. Alternatively, may we suggest dancing your way around 21 venues instead. Your liver will thank you and so will your wallet.

Host A Sleepover

Okay, so you’ve hit all the nightclubs in town and the thought of chugging back one more tequila shot makes you want to barf, so what do you do instead? You throw a pyjama party of course! Get your guests to turn up in their comfiest jimmies, bring a duvet or sleeping bag and snacks galore, in preparation for movies, truth or dares and a midnight feast. Wine optional, but of course, we recommend!

Go On A Beercycle

As it’s your 21st and you’re only 21 once, the thing that is probably forefront of your mind is drinking. Instead of ordering Uber’s to take you from bar to bar, why not jump on a Beercycle?! Big enough for you and 14 friends, Beercycle is the ultimate party bike and bar crawl that will take you around the city, stopping off at some of the best drinking destinations. Save a seat for us!

Ball It Out

So, you wanna have some serious fun? Look no further than Bumber Ball. Not your average game of footy, players instead have to try and score goals while dressed in giant, inflatable bubbles! A complete game of laughs and bound to get everyone in the mood, your birthday party will instantly go from zero to one hundred in a matter of minutes!

Dare You?

Get your friends to compile a list of 21 dares. Whether you’re on a night out or staying in, you must complete all 21. Such examples could include taking a shot with no hands, starting a conga line or eating a raw egg. Need we go on?

Throw Back Time

Yes, it may be 2017 but you were born in the nineties, so why not throw the ultimate throwback party?! Party like it’s 1996/1997, make like the Spice Girls, Britney and N’Sync, don your best ‘Saved By The Bell’ attire and stick on the cheesiest, '90's playlist you can find. With the likes of ‘Barbie Girl’, ‘No Diggity’ and ‘Macarena’ on offer, we can feel the party starting already!

Give Your Family Some Love

Celebrate with mum and dad. At the end of the day, they were the ones who brought you into this world, so it only seems fair to give them a pat on the back, too. Go out for a nice family dinner or take them for a night of drinking with your mates. They won’t ruin your vibe, we promise. Okay, so if the thought of dad dancing fills you with dread, why not compromise? Enjoy a nice brekkie or lunch with them and then leave them at home as you take on the town! Win, win!

Eat Out

If your idea of a good time involves food (guilty as charged!), why not gather up your food-loving buddies and head out for some top-notch Auckland grub? With so many restaurants offering ample space for you and your crew, why not hit up a BYO which is a guaranteed good time or, if you’re feeling super fancy, why not hire out a private dining room at one of these places?

Host A Silent Disco

If you wanna throw a party in your own home but don’t want to upset the flatties or your rents, why not host your very own silent disco in your own home? They’ll be no worry of upsetting the neighbours as the only music that will be playing will be through each party goers very own headphones! For a unique, totally cool and out-there birthday to remember, check out Silent Disco NZ.

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