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How To Take #foodporn Shots Like a Pro

By Bianca O'Neill
2nd Feb 2016

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So you want to be a food photographer? Do you want to make your food Insta-famous... but don’t know where to start? Well, we've got the tips that will help your latest delish creation get you there. Move aside, Kimmy K.

Here are our top ten tips to make your food Insta-famous.

#1: The plate is key

You COULD go for a white plate, but where’s the fun in that? Find some fun options that will make your delish noms stand out.

#2: Look for different background colours + textures

Everyone loves a bit of solid backup – and your tabletop / background is your wingman when you’re trying to make your spaghetti jaffle look like 5 star dining.

#3: Who’s the hero?

If it’s not the carrots, then maybe don’t pile them all over the top of that gorgeous looking fillet of fish. Start with the hero – and make the other elements bow down to its glory. Like everyone, ever if you met Beyonce IRL.

#4: Colours that pop

Need we say that brown isn’t the most likeable colour when scrolling through said #foodporn feed? If you look at the most liked photos on Instagram, they usually use a lot of clean space, and utilise brighter colours: Think about enhancing your plate with greens, and a variety of colours – and not just snapping an entirely brown plate of food.

#5: Height

Just like our men, we like our food tall – it makes it appear deliciously 3D in the image.

#6: Keep it odd

No, not odd as in weird – although freakshakes were totally a thing this year. It’s called the rule of threes – and it’s about making sure you don’t place two brussell sprouts next to a sausage... And all that suggests.

#7: Garnish with restraint

PUT DOWN THE SAUCE BOTTLE. Simple is best – don’t go crazy with the accessories. Your plate is not Donatella Versace during Carnival in Rio. It’s more Audrey Hepburn in any movie ever.

#8: ...And that doesn’t mean parsley

There’s literally nothing worse than a plate covered in parsley confetti. It’s like a whipper snipper exploded on your plate.

#9: Check the lighting

Just like a good selfie, the basis of a good food shot is the lighting. Artificial lighting or high contrast sun helps NO ONE. Not even Gigi Hadid.

#10: Take a few different angles

Options, darling. We love options.

And lastly... look at your photo with a critical eye: Does it look good? Does it make you want to eat it immediately? Or does it look like you dropped a cheesecake on a hamburger phone? A successful food photo should make you want to lick your screen. A bad photo will make you want to question why you’re even living right now... #sadfaceemoji.

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