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How To Throw The Ultimate Gilmore Girls Viewing Party

By Ange Law
22nd Nov 2016

Gilmore Girls viewing party

ICYMI Gilmore Girls is returning to our screens this month and we are more than a little bit excited about it. We had many thoughts while watching the trailer and now the emotions are starting to run high— like, how will we cope without Richard? 

To get you through the emotional rollercoaster, the exhausting dialogue, and Jesse cameos, we’ve put together a list of everything you need to throw the ultimate Gilmore Girls viewing party. 

#1 Order Alllllll Of The Take Away

We know you don’t need an excuse to buy up big at all of your favourite local restaurants, but just in case you thought you should be a responsible adult (shame on you), then it’s lucky we’re here to steer you in the right —albeit gluttonous— direction. Pizza, Chinese food and fries are non-negotiable, but we also suggest you throw a packet of tater tots in the oven and ice cream in the freezer, just for good measure. It’s what Lorelei would do.

#2 Anything Short Of A Sugar Coma Is A Wasted Effort

Pop tarts, lollies and soft drink are your best friends at a Gilmore Girls party, so consider this your permission and encouragement to go nuts. As is the theme with this party –go hard, or go home and don’t you dare stop before you’ve reached the end of the sugar coma line. 

#3 Invite Your Grumpy Friend

Oh Luke. Loveable, grumpy, coffee-toting Luke. We really do love him, but no one can dispute the fact that he is grumpy AF, which just adds to his charm. A Gilmore Girls party wouldn’t be the same without someone stomping around, complaining about what’s on TV and criticising everything you put in your mouth. Bonus points if you can convince your grumpy human to actually serve you dinner, or coffee, or drinks. 

#4 Drink Coffee. Lots And Lots Of Coffee

We feel like we owe it to our favourite Gilmore girls (and ourselves) to get seriously hopped up on caffeine, so we can fully appreciate all that is one of the greatest TV show revivals of our time. Keep it real with filter coffee (hey, if it’s good enough for the Gilmores), and drink it in a mug, or hell, even a bowl, but don’t even THINK about switching to decaf.  

#5 Scratch That, Just Drink

So we’ve told you to aim for a sugar coma, drink far too much coffee and now we’re going to tell you that above all else, you should embrace the cocktail cart. You could kill two birds with one stone and drink espresso martinis all night (we know, we’re so resourceful), or you could try your luck with a diabolical Founder’s Day punch. Just try to avoid walking down the street shoeless and moral-less, yelling at passers-by to “fall in a hole” while flipping them off. Poor Paris. 

#6 Back It Up

Yes, you probably should re-watch all of the episodes again the next day to pick up on anything you missed at your viewing party, but that isn’t really what we mean when we say back it up. What we actually mean is that you definitely need to take advantage of Netflix’s bulk episode dump and watch them all, back to back, in one sitting. We’ve no doubt that you already planned to do just that, but just in case you mistakenly thought you could spread them out over a couple of days— don’t. The threat of spoilers is real.

#7 No Cell Phones

It may be tempting to live Tweet, ‘gram or Snapchat your way through the episodes, but just don’t. This is a big moment in history people and you have waited a LONG time for this, so sit back, relax and take a leaf out of Luke’s book by giving your phone a miss for the night.

To see all of the thoughts we had while watching the trailer, head here.

Image credit: Netflix

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