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Iconic Photos Every Aucklander Should Have Taken

By Bella Ramdhanie
16th Mar 2018

Taking photos to the highest of standards is a defining part of every Aucklander’s DNA. If there’s one thing Aucklanders love, it’s getting a good ‘gram and, here at The Urban List, we have a serious appreciation for an iconic Auckland photo.

To help you #uptheanti of your Insta-feed, we’ve created a list of all the iconic photos that every Aucklander should have taken. Because, if you didn’t ‘gram’ it, did it even happen? Here are all the iconic photos that every Aucklander should have taken.    

The Pink Cycle Path

Are you even an Aucklander if you haven’t taken a photo of the pink cycle path? We think not. Whether it is the mere backdrop for your new Lululemon gear debut, or an Insta-story just to confirm that you know what’s up, this is one photo your feed shouldn’t be missing.

Rangitoto In The Background #hotdoglegs

Sunshine or clouds, it’s a struggle to check in with your social media accounts without scrolling past an shot of our beloved Rangitoto. Whether it is a picnic or sunbathing, combine #hotdoglegs and Rangitoto and you’ve got yourself an iconic Auckland photo.

Top Of Mt Eden

Take a snap at the top of Mt Eden and you’ll be deemed #fitspogoals in no time. Auckland’s Mt Eden is home to many avid Instagrammers showing off their activewear game and it’s undeniably an iconic Aucklander photo pozzy.

Mural At Ponsonby Central

Feelin’ cultured? Well, be sure to exhibit your artsy vibes to the rest of the world by snapping a photo at Auckland’s Ponsonby Central. Aucklanders get your KW shades on and Adidas tied, and be ready to pose #candidly in front of a mural at Ponsonby Central.

Harbour Bridge

Iconic photos taken by Aucklanders could not be summed up without the inclusion of the ever-so-classic, Harbour Bridge shot. Whether it acts as a distant backdrop to your squad pic or the centrepiece to an #Aucklandsunset pic, the Harbour Bridge photo is a staple for every Aucklander’s feed.


spotted in auckland #obliterationroom #yayoikusama �� @miss_anners

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Obliteration Room at Auckland Art Gallery

Even if you haven’t actually paid it a visit yet, you’ll sure feel like you have. The Obliteration Room at Auckland Art Gallery has well and truly taken over Auckland’s social media scene and is an iconic photo that should be taken by every Aucklander.


#NewZealand #muriwaibeach #walking #weekend #sunset

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Muriwai Beach

If there’s one thing us Aucklanders can appreciate, it’s a New Zealand beach photo @muriwai. The variation here is huge and ever so encouraged. Get yourself to Muriwai and choose between a bikini-bod debut, a squad picnic scene, or a #couplegoals selfie and you’re good to post.



A post shared by DONATELLA (@1900baddest) on

Better Burger Flat Lay

If there’s one photo all Aucklanders are guilty of taking, it’s the Better Burger ‘gram. The tag of the location, the iconic flat-lay strategics and the carefully laid-out burgers and side dishes, makes for the most iconic Auckland photo #dietstartstomorrow.


With the genius artist!

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Hands stretched out a crazy-wonderful ice-cream creation and a funky filter. Yes, the classic Giapo photo is truly part of being an Aucklander. Double points if you manage to get a photo with Giapo himself! Triple points if you get his wife Annarosa too!


With the genius artist!

A post shared by MASHAR ABDULLAH (@masharabdullah) on

Sky Tower

It’s our city’s landmark, and we’re not gonna let anyone forget it. The Sky Tower photo is a piece to the puzzle that is every Aucklander’s Instagram page. During a pink sunset or during the evening, it’s one we’re never gonna let go of.


#NewZealand #auckland #shakespearregionalpark

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Shakespear Regional Park

In true Instagram spirit, this photo takes place in a large frame, oh the irony. To get amongst all things Auckland, you absolutely must take this photo.


Picnic @sunset

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North Head Group Picnic

Round up the squad, get your hands on your fave bottle of Sauv and pack yourself a picnic. Oh… and get yourself an Auckland photo while you’re at it.


��Magic day! ��

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Mushrooms On Mt Victoria  

Have you even ever been to Devonport if you haven’t taken a photo of the iconic mushrooms on Mt Victoria? Snap a photo from afar, or, get the SO to take a candid laughing photo of your balancing abilities #boyfriendsofInstagram. Aucklanders, the mushrooms deserve a spot on your feed.

Bedford Soda

Beautifully presented cocktails and mouth-wateringly good lookin’ meatballs. It’s a whole lotta yum and it’s a whole lotta legend Aucklander photo material. Bedford Soda is where it’s at.

Crunch Tower Dessert

It’s #treatyourself day, which means a trip to Crunch Tower Dessert is compulsory. If you haven’t taken a photo of their dessert tower of goodness, do you even live in Auckland?


The Auckland Domain Wintergardens is a beloved spot here in our city and we hold their peaceful atmosphere and ample photo opportunities close to our heart. Snap a photo of the pretty scenery and up your photo game.

City Skyline

The city skyline photo is a 100% must. Aucklanders everywhere have accepted the fact that city skyline photos are everywhere we look, and there’s really no escaping them. If you’re an Aucklander… you really should have taken the iconic city skyline photo.


Byeeee #waihekebound

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From A Boat #skyline

On the ferry home from uni? On your way to a mini-break in Waiheke? Nobody will know unless you take a photo from the boat, ocean at fizzing with speed and the skyline in the background.


A post shared by *DTO* (@whangdoodle) on

Talulah Neon Sign

It’s italic, it’s pink and it’s featured on every Aucklander’s social media account. Yup, it’s the Talulah neon sign.

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Image Credit: Andrew Wilson

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