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Ponsonby’s Newest Opening Is GoodFor You (And The World)

By Joy Wood
13th Mar 2017

Ponsonby's Newest Opening Is GoodFor You (And The World)

We’re all well aware of the horrors of plastic packaging, but it’s practically impossible to get away from it when almost everything you buy is wrapped in the stuff. Good thing your prayers have been answered with new opening GoodFor! This Ponsonby store is New Zealand’s first zero plastic, zero waste bulk wholefoods store. And, it’s so full of goodness that it is sure to keep you strong and healthy through the winter slump!

GoodFor is founded by eco-warrior James Denton, who is alllll about sustainable living. Not only does Denton want to change our shopping habits but to finally make sustainable shopping more convenient for us all.

With more than 300 dry ingredients on the shelves, GoodFor is fully stocked with ancient grains, ready-made bliss balls, organic chamomile tea leaves and turmeric powder for DIY turmeric lattes.

Trying to cut down on the booze? They’ve got kombucha, maple syrup and peanut butter on tap (that sure sounds like happy hour to us)!

More than epic food, GoodFor also stocks a range of EarthWise household products—everything from body wash, laundry liquid and even toilet cleaner! Get some Tahitian Sandalwood Hand Wash to pour into your marble refill jar that you bought at Kmart (you know what we’re talking about).

Make sure you remember to bring along your mason jar collection with you. This is your opportunity to fill them up with Himalayan sea salt and matcha powder. Otherwise, they’ve got jars and paper bags to use.

Didn’t think it could get any better? It does. Not only will you have all the goodness for your body and home, while caring for our planet, they’ve also partnered with Trees for the Future. This means one tree will be planted for every purchase made in store.

GoodFor makes it a hell of a lot easier for us Aucklanders to finally walk the walk, instead of just talking the talk and we couldn’t be happier.

Click here for more information about GoodFor including opening hours.

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