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Take Our Quiz! What’s Missing From Your Beauty Bag?

By Natasha Van Der Laan
7th Aug 2017

Psst! We’ve Found The Secret To Incredible Skin

So, if you’re anything like us, you’re all about putting the best things in your body (aka three-cheese fettuccine). But what about when it comes to what goes on your skin?

We get it, taking care of your skin properly can be hard—especially when you’ve got to fit in work, the gym, AND keeping up-to-date on group chat (#amiright?!).

Well, because we’re in a sharing-is-caring mood (shout out to our third double-shot latte for the day, what a legend), we thought we’d share the deets of our latest beauty obsession—allow us to introduce you to maqui berry.

While we may be fairly obsessed with adding it on top of our breakfast bowls every morning, we’re actually here to tell you that it’s great for your skin. Yup, listen up.

Fun fact number one: It’s chock-full of antioxidants that do everything from reducing puffiness to increasing circulation (read: extra glowiness!) while also helping to protect against free radicals (those bad guys that INSIST on ageing us, how rude). 

Maqui berries grow wild in the rainforests of Chile and Argentina (also home to the world’s best Malbec, so you know they’re legit). They reportedly have four times as many antioxidants as blackberries and strawberries, meaning they work wonders on dry, easily irritated skin.

So, if you’d prefer to stick to your acai bowls, and keep the maqui for your face, we recommend Trilogy’s brand-spankin’ new Sensitive range.

Proudly made in New Zealand, this skincare is brimming with organic, natural ingredients. Your skin will be gently pampered with pure plant oil-extracts—including, you guessed it, maqui berry oil.

The experts behind the brand recommend an easy peasy three-step skincare routine. Start with the Very Gentle Cleansing Cream, before gently massaging a few drops of Very Gentle Restoring Oil to your face. Lastly, keep your skin niiicely hydrated with their new Very Gentle Moisturising Cream—laters, dry skin. The range also includes new sensitive skin treatment products—hurrah.

If you’re looking for skin that turns that healthy glow up to eleven, adding a personalised fourth and final step to your routine will have you turning heads—and beating winter skin woes—in no time. Take our quiz to discover your beauty bag must-have.

Editor’s note: This article is proudly sponsored by Trilogy and endorsed by The Urban List. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible. Click here for more information on our editorial policy. 

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