The 10 Types Of People That You Will Meet In Auckland

By Martha Brooke
20th Nov 2017

The 10 Types Of People That You Will Meet In Auckland

With more than 1.4 million people living in this fine city, you can be sure to come across a few characters. Take a stroll down your local street and try and spot as many of the following as you can. To avoid causing offence, these aren’t to be taken too seriously FYI!

The Protein Possessed

Never out of their yoga pants, Nike Roshies or without their Les Mills lanyard, these folk are passionate about their pull-ups. Spot them running round the city, taking a quick smoothie break at Little Bird or trying on the latest gear at lululemon.

The All Blacks Addict

Easy to spot in their favourite teams colours or jerseys, these guys are true diehards of sport. Often found at the local sports bar, knocking back the bevvies at The Kingslander or sitting in traffic getting to the game, you should never disrespect their side. Ever.

The Pretentious Plebs

Wearing only the latest fashion trends and biggest names, you can bet they have never needed to lift a finger. Fans of only the finest things in life, you’ll find them sipping on only ‘Mumm’ champagne as they watch us ‘peasants’ from their VIP booth in Roxy.

The ‘Edgy’ Enthusiasts

Take a stroll down K' Road and Ponsonby and you’ll stumble across one in no time. Most likely wearing pants that are a little too short, an oversized ‘vintage’ jacket and Dr. Martens with a pair of jazzy socks, you’ll find them at ‘alternative’ underground gigs.

The ‘Hardest Worker’

Find them brunching at Dear Jervois with their gaggle of like-minded mum’s. With no need to work thanks to their supportive and successful partners, they fill their days with endless amounts of flat whites and Pilates classes.

The Food Fanatics

Filling up Instagram feeds and restaurants all over Auckland, these guys are always on the hunt for new openings, secret spots and only the best grub our city has to offer. You’ll often find them gramming their dinner until it has gone cold. Note: we’re guilty.

The Scrap-Booking Sightseers

Head into the CBD to find them surrounding The Sky Tower with selfies, queuing up outside Giapo or generally taking up the entire pavement as they try to work out which way The Inner Link is going.

The Loveable Local

Constantly moaning about the number of foreigners in Auckland, known by their nickname in their regular drinking spots and often wearing jandals, they are very family-orientated and are New Zealand through and through.

The Trend-Following Teens

Either sporting Lonely Hearts, Adidas Superstars and mummy’s credit card, you’ll find them trying on everything at Ruby, trawling Walk in Wardrobe for the latest knock off’s and taking selfies with their BFF’s.

The Spent-Up Students

Often seen lugging a backpack of books and laptop along Queen Street, in the week they are slaves to lectures and assignments but at the weekend, you’ll see them tearing up Impala or 1885 as they let loose and get ready to do it all over again.

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