The 25 Bacon Dishes You Need To Eat Now

By Olivia Atkinson
30th May 2016

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Bacon, you’re bacon us crazy (sorry, we had to). There is no way to adequately express our unfailing love for you. You can be popped in a burger, partnered up with eggs, made into a jam and used to nurse the most heinous of hangovers. In other words, bacon, you are perfect. 

The wise King Curtis once proclaimed “bacon is good for me” and we’re on the exact same buzz. To help you bring on the bacon love, we’ve tracked down 25 of the best bacon dishes you need to eat right now in Auckland. 

  1. Make a beeline for The Lumsden’s bacon dishes. Mac’n’cheese with bacon and truffle oil and Montreal poutine—fries, cheese curds and bacon gravy. Yass. 
  2. Not only is Geeks On Sainsbury’s eggs bene one of the prettiest in town, it’s served with a generous portion of Pokeno Bacon (the best). 
  3. Maple and bacon are meant to be and there is no better home for them than on an Al’s Deli cronut. 
  4. Tater tots are always a good time but add bacon and cheese and you’ve got yourself a part-ay at Bedford Soda & Liquor
  5. Best Ugly’s farmhouse bagel involves free-range bacon and eggs, ketchup, rocket leaves and parmesan cheese and we might be in love with it. 
  6. Cheesy bacon hotcakes? So much yes. You’ll find these babies topped with a poached egg, roasted tomato and chipotle at Matakana Market Kitchen.
  7. Chop Chop’s 12-hour beef brisket ramen with bacon is happiness in a bowl. 
  8. If you’re a believer that seafood and bacon are not meant to be, Tanuki’s Cave will change your mind. Their bacon-wrapped prawn skewers with mayo are too legit to quit. 
  9. Brussel sprouts can a total bore of a vegetable but Ostro take them from bleugh to BAM by sautéing them with Harmony smoked bacon, shallot and sourdough croutons. Nom. 
  10. Have you met Sophia? She’s delicious. It’s actually a pizza (shock, horror) from Gorgeous Pizza in Mt Eden featuring bacon, sliced ‘tatoes, spring onion, pesto and mozzarella.  
  11. Non Solo Pizza’s Caesar salad is a delightful mish-mash of cos lettuce, bacon, croutons, homemade Caesar dressing, shaved parmesan and anchovy. 
  12. Fans of both mushies and bacon will rejoice of their union in Dear Jervois’ creamy balsamic mushroom dish. 
  13. Zomer do a little somethin’-somethin’ called layered garlic bacon and it is gooood. Think garlicy bacon on sourdough with caramelised onion, tomato, mustard mayo and baby rocket. 
  14. Bite-sized bundles of joy can be found at Vivace in the form of almond-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon with blue cheese and jus. 
  15. Out Titirangi way lives a badass brunch dish known as the Tõnati. It consists of doughnut balls covered in cardamom and cinnamon syrup, caramelised bacon, pistachios and a yoghurt banana lassi. Get it from Stripe Cafe
  16. The Griller is a reg on Project Paco’s menu. We’re talking grilled sweet potato and broc, onions and bacon nestled in a pancake taco with a drizzle of avo dressing. Taco ‘bout tasty! 
  17. The Fridge in Kingsland is famous for pumping out some of the best pies in A-Town and their honey-cured bacon and egg version will not disappoint. 
  18. Have your sweet AND savoury fix with Torchon Crepêrie’s Normade crêpe with apple, cinnamon and bacon. 
  19. The team at Fokker Bros are pros at hot dogs wrapped in bacon served in a hoagie and sprinkled with all sorts of crunchy, sweet and spicy delights. 
  20. Sooo this one’s technically not bacon. However, Little Bird’s coconut bacon will woo every carnivore in town. We love it in their raw BLT.
  21. Grangers keep things bacon-y and meaty in their Salesyard Road beef, smokey bacon, cheese and burger sauce (trust us, it’s epic) burger. 
  22. Teed St Larder are responsible for one b-e-a-utiful plate of buttermilk pancakes. They come with hazelnut butter, chocolate soil and crème fraiche. Do the right thing and add on the bacon. 
  23. We love waffles a waffle lot and Little King seems to too! Their bacon and caramelised banana waffle is made complete with cream cheese and maple syrup. You can also add a scoop of ice cream if you’re feeling extra naughty. 
  24. You just can’t beat a bacon butty espesh when it comes with bacon jam. Franc’s on Takapuna beach loads theirs with free-range bacon, fried egg, bacon jam and Branston pickle. Starting the day like a bawse. 
  25. If you’re one of those strange folk who like their bacon in moderation, Miss Moonshine’s mac’n’cheese balls are for you. They come with three rashers of crispy streaky bacon and give the dish just enough of a porky hit. 

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Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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