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The 7 Most Auckland Experiences You Need To Tick Off

By Martha Brooke
15th Feb 2017

The 7 Most Auckland Experiences You Need To Tick Off

Alright guys, we’re truly testing you now. If you really want to be able to say that you’ve ‘been there, done that and got the t-shirt’, listen up. Here at The Urban List, we know that Auckland has so many unique and different activities and adventures to get amongst, but we’ve decided to narrow it down, once and for all.

To help you on your way of having the most Auckland experience EVER, here are our top seven things to do, in our marvelous city!

#1 Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

By now, you should have realised that Aucklanders are completely crazy for a good ol’ cup o’ jo. Whether it’s a saving grace in a morning or a positive pick-me-up throughout the day, there’s no denying that it’s earned a place in our hearts and in our city. With so many hole-in-the-wall joints and cute-as-a-button cafes, whether you are part of the caffeine cult or are only mildly addicted to the good stuff, we recommend getting amongst the coffee culture. Work your way through Ceremony Company, Orphans Kitchen, Rad and Coffee Pen, (just for starters!) and start to feel like a true local as the caffeine kicks in!

#2 Discover Drool-Worthy Finds

Okay, where do we even begin? Why not with the fact that Auckland is home to some of the most utterly incredible food EVER?! If you really want to get stuck into all things scrumdiddlyumptious and out of this world, pay attention and get ready to lick your lips. We’ve got a maple, bacon, doughnut burger from the geniuses at Fokker Bros, along with an insane amount of delicious dumplings at these places and the biggest and most bad-ass bloody Mary at Scarlett Slimms & Lucky, just to name a few. So what are you waiting for? Get stuck in!

#3 Take To The Water

Whether you deem yourself a long lost sibling of Ariel and are waiting for your mermaid tail to spawn, or just love a good ol’ splish splash in the shallows, Auckland has some pretty stellar water activities to get on board with. Take kayaking Rangitoto for example. This moonlit, paddling experience will leave you mesmerised and awe-struck. Or how about paddle-boarding at Takapuna? Not forgetting all of these dip-worthy spots either! Oh, and how could we forget about the numerous waterfalls that reside in and around Auckland! We truly are spoilt for choice.

#4 Unearth Hidden Gems

Although the majority of Auckland is easily laid out for us to take advantage of, some of our city’s best destinations are tucked away for our inquisitive selves to stumble upon by surprise. If you want some clues on some of the more secret and secluded spots, gather round. We’ve got an underground and disguised-as-a-janitor’s-closet bar, Caretaker. And then there’s Big J’s tucked away in the suburbs of Mt Wellington, dishing up the best burgers you will ever have the pleasure of eating! Auckland also has secret swimming spots, hidden beaches and waterfalls to find, too!

#5 Giggle, Marvel And Cheer!

They say New York is the city that never sleeps, but we bet they had never spent a night in Auckland when they made this claim! No matter what you’re into, Auckland has got you covered. From independent, local theatre productions to international concerts (hello Adele!) to comedy seshes on the daily, our diaries are always chock-a-block full of gigs, festivals and performances. With a heap of venues too, there is always something nearby—no matter how big or small!

#6 Explore Our Very Own Island

In just a 40-minute ferry ride, you can be transported onto Auckland’s very own, paradise island: Waiheke. Teaming with vineyards, walks, beaches and much, much more, visitors of Waiheke are certainly treated to a spectacular array of things to do. We recommend taking a tour of some of New Zealand’s best wineries (Cable Bay, we’re looking at you!) to sip and sample vinos of all varieties! When you’re not on the wines, a fun and unique way to get around the island is by a vintage scooter from Island Scoot? Super cool and super, duper enjoyable.

#7 Get High

No, we’re not talking about getting your puff on with Snoop—no, no—we’re talking about seeing Auckland from new heights. Sometimes it’s more fun up in the clouds and with so much going on up top, we just have to let you know. Visit one of these rooftop bars for a top-notch drinking experience, or dine at Orbit 360, for panoramic views of the city while munching on some incredible grub. Don’t forget to trek to the top of Mount Eden for a whole lotta ‘ooos and ahhhs’ and if you’re feeling extra spesh, why not strap in for a helicopter ride over Auckland and beyond?!

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