The Best Meals You Didn’t Know You Could Eat In Auckland

By Natasha Van Der Laan
24th May 2016

From colourful coffee and lamb’s brain to metre-long pizza and $7500 bottles of champagne, there’s something for everyone in this crazy city of ours.

There are some pretty gosh-darn weird and wonderful things to do in Auckand-town. In fact, we dedicated an entire list to them here. Turns out there are also some equally weird and wonderful things to eat and drink in Auckland. From colourful coffee and lamb’s brain to metre-long pizza and $7500 bottles of champagne, there’s something for everyone in this crazy city of ours. So, without further ado, here are nine meals (and drinks) you didn’t know you could get in Auckland. Are you brave enough to try them all?

A $128 Snail

If you’re a) rich and b) love snails, pop into SKYCITY’s Jade Dragon to feast on their braised whole abalone. Flavoured with oyster sauce, the edible sea snail can be all yours for just $128—bargain!

Deconstructed Hot Chocolate

They really make you work for your hot chocolate at Cornwall Park Café. Expect to be served a tray containing all that you need: chocolate syrup, milk, chocolate powder, a Cadbury Flake and—of course—marshmallows. Perfect your quantities and enjoy. They’ll be no blaming the barista if things go pear-shaped. 

Metre-Long Pizza

There’s no such thing as too much pizza and no-one knows this better than Toto’ Pizza. Their signature metre-long pizzas are perfect for feeding the masses and for those who just really love pizza (we understand). If you really really really REALLY love pizza, you can order 30-metres of pizza goodness accompanied with sides for a cool $2000.

Colourful Coffee

Gone are the days of boring old brown coffee. Coloured coffee is a thing at K Road’s Tasteful Bakehouse & Café. Here you can order coffee decorated with a fern in colours of blue, green, yellow and red. Yup, you can claim you’ve drunk a rainbow #nobiggie.

A $7500 Bottle Of Champagne

If you’ve got money to burn, swing past SKYCITY’s The Grill and treat yourself to a $7500 (!) bottle of champers. The 1995 vintage bottle of Krug Clos d’Ambonnay comes from the French wine region of Reims and is guaranteed to be amazing. We’re too povo to try it for ourselves but feel to shout us a bottle. This round is on you, right?

Science Flask Cocktails

If you’re a bit of a science buff, you’ll be in your element (pun intended) at Takapuna’s The Lab Eatery. The cocktails here are served in science flasks, while their shots come in test tubes. As for the food, expect to have your chocolate mousse and dipping sauce for your fries and served in beakers.

Baked Cookie Dough

If you’re a bit like the Cookie Monster and love all things involving cookies (don’t we all?), you’ll wanna pay Big Fish Eatery a visit. Their dessert menu features both a white and dark cookie dough offering. Baked to perfection, this dessert is the perfect balance of gooey, doughy and chocolatey goodness. You can thank us later.

Pig’s Trotters

At Antoine’s Restaurant they don’t let pig’s feet go to waste. Instead, they cook them up and serve them with paua and snail congee—yum! This entrée also comes with tempura oysters. All the textures. All the flavours.

Lamb’s Brain Taco

Should you see The Lucky Taco food truck roaming around run—don’t walk—and try their tacos de sesos. “What does sesos mean?” we hear you asking. That, my amigo, is Spanish for brains. This taco stars a spiced lamb’s brain fritter served with spicy avocado cream, salsa, red cabbage, lime and coriander. If that’s not quite your thing, they also do a beef tongue taco offering.

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Image credit: Heart Shrooms

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