The Most Lol-Worthy Moments Of The Bachelor Women Tell All

By Olivia Atkinson
11th May 2016

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Erm, well, that was awkward. The Bachelor NZ’s Women Tell All special screened last night with some hefty doses of feistiness, cussing, interruptions (no surprises there) and uncomfortable chat. Naz swore like a sailor, Kate confirmed her friend-zoning approach, Naz launched into an audience member, Naz caressed Jordan’s face…actually, it was pretty much a Naz-centric ep. Even so, it did provide a couple of chuckles for us viewers at home. 

In light of what happened last night, we’ve rounded up the most lol-worthy moments. 

1. When Storm said she wasn’t attracted to Jordan. Burn, baby, burn. 

2. How they showed Claudia sitting by the fire, reflecting on what she’s grateful for. Lol. 

3. Kate admitting she just wanted to go to the pub and have a handle with Jords. 

4. CLAUDIA, WHAT GOES ON IN YOUR MIND? She sure did a solid job of confirming she’s a drip. 

5. Oh, and when Claudia bragged about going to Hawaii every year. Well ain’t you lucky, Clauds. 

6. All the hit list commentary. Especially from Shari: “It’s ridiculous, the hit list, but the whole show is a bit ridiculous.” Word. 

7. Claudia’s unconvincing “noOooO” when she asked if she helped create the hit list. 

8. When Ceri called out that Naz only created the hit list for media attention. We all know it’s true.

9. Naz’s screaming, “sup, bitches” entrance. She definitely sunk a few before coming on stage.

10. When Kate asked Naz why she was a target when they had never spoken and was met with the response: “I actually did speak to you in the mansion. Don’t talk shit.” The claws are officially out. 

11. And then when Kate sat there with a scorned look on her face. 

12. When someone yelled out Naz was a bitch and she launched into them with “Do you want to come here and say it? I dare you. I fucking dare you.” Reeeow. 

13. Then how she kept dropping the f-bomb towards the audience. That, our friends, is the epitome of class.  

14. When Naz accused Anna of saying she could find a guy like Jordan in a nightclub. This chick is all about starting the fires. Plus, Anna isn’t wrong.

15. Naz’s crazy-lady laugh. Holy moly. 

16. When Mike had to yell at Naz to sit down. Booty back on the couch, girlfriend. 

17. When Ceri said that Naz has multiple personalities. Ain’t that the truth. 

18. And then when Claudia started fan-girling over Naz again. Calm down, love.

19. Naz’s constant stream of “at the end of the day.” 

20. How Naz started wiping her eyes during the screening of her and Jordan’s moments. Totes convincing. 

21. Naz stroking Jordan’s head. Ugh. 

22. And his face. 

23. And eye-banging him. Vom.

24. The confirmation that Jordan. Is. So. Damn. Boring. 

25. Soft-spoken Nicole making a speech on behalf of all the girls and Naz trying to shut her down. Give a girl a break, Nazanin.

26. When Ceri confronted Jordan about being an actor and Naz quickly snapping back with “Why weren’t you open about coming on the show just because you wanted to go on Dancing With The Stars?” Ouch.

27. And then Jordan’s sheepish responses about his acting past. 

28. The shot from the finale of Fleur’s boob popping out of her dress. Nothing like a nip slip to cut through the tension. 

29. Michael Hill’s traumatised face. 

30. The announcement that Fleur and Jordan have only seen each other once since the show has finished. Aren’t you meant to want to jump each other’s bones?! Nope? Okay.

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Image credit: TV3

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