Three’s A Trend: Dippy Eggs And Soldiers

By Natasha Van Der Laan
25th Jul 2016

Three's A Trend: Dippy Eggs And Soldiers

It’s scientifically proven that toast tastes better when it’s cut into strips resembling soldiers on parade*. Pair with a soft-boiled egg or two and you’ve got yourself a breakfast worth waking up for. Yup, today we’re talking dippy eggs soldiers. The childhood fave is making a comeback in Auckland cafes and we’re as happy as a five-year-old! 

Here are three places in Auckland who have jumped on the dippy egg and soldier trend train. 


Freemans Bay 

Helping you take a walk down memory lane is Freemans Bay’s Queenies. An Urban List fave, you’ll often find us munching on their boiled eggs with mitey soldiers. Whether you’re team Marmite or team Vegemite, they don’t discriminate with both spreads on offer. You’ll be pleased to know the two accompanying eggs have delightfully oozy yolks—perfect for dipping!

Welcome Eatery 


Dip your way to happiness at Welcome Eatery in Grafton. You’ll be served two soft-boiled eggs beautifully presented in handcrafted ceramic egg cups (very Instagramable). The eggs are accompanied by golden toast cut into thick chunks and a generous dollop of karengo butter. The friendly folk here won’t blink an eye if you march your soldiers into the yolk—in fact this behaviour is encouraged.

Foxtrot Parlour


Ponsonby’s Foxtrot Parlour has taken things to a new level with their nutmeg-spiced coddled eggs. The creamy eggs are mixed with cheddar and served with—you guessed it—toasted soldiers! Go all out and opt to add spinach and crispy bacon to this dish. If you really want to channel your inner child, follow this up with their IYO (translation: “inject-your-own”) doughnuts. You won’t regret it. 

*Disclaimer: We made up the science bit.

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Image credit: Eat Live Run

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