Three’s A Trend: S’Mores

By Natasha Van Der Laan
1st Aug 2016

Three’s A Trend: S’Mores

Americans were on to a good thing when they invented the not-so-humble s’more. Toasted marshmallow is amazing as is, but add chocolate and a Graham cracker or two and you’ve got yourself one deeelightful combination. Unfortunately, American campfires are few and far between in Auckland so s’mores can be hard to come by. But don’t worry, folks! Three Auckland masterminds are bringing a slice of the s’mores action to the city. Here’s where to get your fix.

Mint Cakery

Point Chevalier

Mint Cakery know how to treat your sweet tooth, whipping up cakes, tarts, slices and doughnuts in exceptional style. It’s no surprise that the Point Chev cakery has gotten on the s’more bandwagon. Sandwiched between two homemade biscuits you’ll find a perfectly toasted marshmallow (it’s also made in-store) and hunk of chocolate. These treats aren’t baked daily so you’ll have to play your cards right it you want to get your mitts on one—your best bet is to visit over the weekend. Rest assured, if you miss out there are plenty of other treats as delicious plan B! 

Magnolia Kitchen


Sunnynook’s Magnolia Kitchen also own it in the sweet treat department. They’re masters at cakes, macarons, cookies and all things nice. Their s’mores cake is not for the faint-hearted. Picture a rich chocolate cake layered with choc ganache Swiss meringue buttercream (yes, that’s a thing), vanilla marshmallow AND salted caramel. It’s then drizzled with dark choc ganache and salted caramel before being topped with toasted marshmallows. Last but not least, it’s covered with a sprinkling of crushed Graham crackers for good measure. Magnolia Kitchen, we love your work.

Bloom Cupcakes                                                                             


Bloom Cupcakes have taken the s’more and cupcake-ified it. The creative folk have created a chocolate cupcake and baked biscuit pieces throughout it. It’s then topped with a generous dollop of chocolate frosting, crushed crackers, dusted cocoa and—of course—a marshmallow. Pop into their Birkenhead store or order online to have yours delivered to your front door. P.S. Their salted cream cheese caramel creation is equally delicious! Eat all the cupcakes.

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Image credit: Mint Cakery via Facebook

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