22 Totally New Zealand Foods To Eat Today

By Courtney Nuyad
6th Feb 2017

21 Totally New Zealand Foods To Eat This Waitangi Day

It's time to nom on some of our nation’s classic foods and embrace Kiwiana! Lucky for you, we’ve made a list of 21 totally New Zealand foods to eat today!

1. Pavlova

We at The Urban List “lova” good pavlova—we’re also suckers for a pun despite how bad it may be! Sweeten up your long weekend with a cheeky slice of the classic Kiwi pav adorned with your choice of blueberries, strawberries, kiwifruit, or even all three (don’t worry, we won’t think you’re greedy)!

2. Sausage Sizzle

Cooking up a feast this Waitangi weekend? It doesn't get much easier than sausages, so throw some on the barbecue and call it a day! Just remember—it’s not truly Kiwi unless it’s wrapped in bread.

3. Fish & Chips

If your Waitangi weekend plans involve the outdoors, whether it be the beach or a park, fush and chups are always guaranteed to keep everyone smiling and the good vibes going.

4. Fresh Fruit Ice Cream

It's not an NZ summer without some fresh fruit ice cream! You’ve probably found pictures of a fresh cone flooding your Instagram feed, so ditch that packaged popsicle and head to your local fresh fruit ice cream shop and cool yourself down from the heat.

5. Oysters

New Zealand has a reputation for having some amazing oysters in our waters, so add a squeeze of lemon juice, grab a fresh beer and enjoy that summer sun.

6. Roasted Lamb

Feeling a bit fanc-ay and need something to accompany that bottle of red wine? Spare a few hours and pop that lamb in the oven and you've got a meal to feed the masses. Sssshhhh, keep your recipe a secret and you’ll be the new neighbourhood favourite!

7. Lamingtons

If you're inviting over a few friends for some tea and a catch up, replace those boring round wine biscuits with some lamingtons and we promise they'll go down a treat!

8. Mussels

It's that time of the year where everyone's buying those green shells by the bags! An alternative just as delicious as red meat, mussels taste great after some heat on the grill.

9. Pineapple Lumps

Stay summertime fine with a sweet treat! God's gift to New Zealand (just check out the TV ad!), Pineapple Lumps are a crowd favourite with their chocolate exterior and chewy golden centre.

10. Marmite

The salty dark spread on a slice of white bread always tastes great whatever time of day. You can even opt for the cruuunch factor by adding some Bluebird's potato chips and really elevate your Marmite sandwich experience.

11. Hangi

A fantastic way to gather your family and friends around is to lay a hangi with some vegetables and meat. What better way to cook than by using the earth?

12. Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

Known by many overseas as "honeycomb toffee" ice cream, Hokey Pokey can almost be described as vanilla ice cream 2.0 and who would’ve ever thought vanilla could get any better! It offers the best of both worlds with that smooth vanilla ice creamy texture but with the surprise of bite-sized honeycomb pebbles. With a scoop of it in your hand, you’ll be the envy of everyone struggling under the summer heat!

13. Whittaker's Chocolate

Ever since the release of her ad, we have been convinced that the key to Nigella’s success muuust be Whittaker’s Chocolate, right?! It’s the kind that sells out in supermarkets with the anticipated release of whatever magical flavour they whip out next. Wrapped up in that signature golden foil, Whittaker's Chocolate is the best New Zealand has to offer!

14. Chocolate Fish

Are you the kind of person to ask for marshmallows with your hot chocolate? Well, fishy fish, the candy gods have granted your wish! Chocolate fish is here to offer its combination of a milk chocolate shell coating with a pink marshmallow inside.

15. Mince Pie

Craving a heartier meal? Always readily available at the nearest gas station or supermarket, mince pies are a warm comfort food that tastes that much better with a swirl of tomato sauce on top or relish on the side. And remember—always blow on the pie.

16. Giapo Ice Cream

Nestled into the heart of Auckland's CBD you'll find Giapo's ice cream parlour, home of the most inventive ice cream in New Zealand. Focusing not just on heavenly flavours, Giapo's talent comes in their elaborate cones which are inventive, tasty and totally 'Gram-worthy and as Kiwi as fish and chips, with an Italian twist.

17. Lolly Cake

Lolly cake is by no means exclusive to children! If you've got a sweet tooth, then lolly cake is the treat to satisfy those sugar cravings and keep you buzzing. Also, look at all the colours!

18. Jaffas

Crunchy on the outside, soft chocolate on the inside, Jaffas have that orange coating that will stain your fingers but satisfy your sweet tooth! *hushed voice* Protip: keep wandering fingers away from taking your Jaffas by hiding them in the back corner of your pantry! No one will ask you for some if they don’t know you have any!”

19. Potato Chips And Onion Dip

Potato chips and onion dip? Rhymes well, tastes good! A truly Kiwi tradition, mix Nestle reduced cream with Maggie onion soup and pop into the fridge for an hour. Dip in those Bluebird chips and you’ve found a piece of heaven.

20. Chocolate Log

Some of Marie Antoinette’s most famous words were, “let them eat cake!” So go grab yourself a slice of that spongy chocolate log with its cream swirl surprise inside. Pretty much everyone’s grandmother used to make it, and, let’s face it, a little chocolate cake never hurt anybody!

21. Heard’s Barley Sugars

Oh my boiled barley sugar goodness! They’ve seen pretty much every Kiwi child through the 40-hour famine, and there’s a reason why Heard’s barley sugar sweets have stuck around for a century—we Kiwi’s just can’t get enough!

22. White Bait Fritter

Potato fritters can be fun but they’re just so typical! A humble finger food with simple ingredients, white bait fritters are the way to go—pick them up at a market, food truck or make them yourself! Kiwi as. 

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