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Psst! Here’s Where You Can Pick Avocados For Free In Auckland!

By Mikaela Foy
22nd Nov 2016

Here’s Where To Pick Your Own Produce In Auckland For FREE!

Avocados and Aucklanders, we’re a thing. And boy, do we mean a serious thing. Forget love and marriage, we’re talking oxygen and survival. 

When their prices soar, we go from three-ply to one-ply without batting an eyelash because, well, avocados. And so…when we discovered that Aucklanders can pick these green parcels of goodness for free, we pretty much lost our shit. 

That’s right, head to Mangere’s historic Otuataua Stonefields between November and March each year and you can pick your own avocados. Not to your heart’s content, mind you, ‘coz that’s kinda greedy—but you can pick five per person. That’s a lotta smashed avo for a week. 

As one of Auckland’s best hidden gems, Otuataua Stonefields is hundreds of years old, and home to one of Auckland’s largest-scale stone work so you’ll be soaking in an impressive history. About 15 years ago, the council agreed to let the public pick the avocados

But your adventure doesn’t have to stop there! The southern side of the reserve links directly to the coastline, creating a pretty spectacular view with a beautiful beachfront. It’s the perfect spot for a splash and a post-swim picnic—with avocados, of course.  

Now that you are in on the secret, add it to your summer bucket list, because let’s be honest, making avos your own way is the best.

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