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We (Tried) Dancing With DWTS’ Judge Rachel And This Is What Happened

By Jaiden Bhaga
29th Jun 2018

We (Tried) Dancing With DWTS' Judge Rachel And This Is What Happened

During my time at The Urban List, I’ve been lucky enough to given a few epic things a go. From eating veal tongue (yes, for real) to going to an exhibition full of actual human corpses, I thought I’d officially seen it all. That all came crashing down the second our editor announced to the team that we were booked in for a dance class, with Dancing With The Stars judge Rachel White.

To give you some context, I’m so bad at dancing, you wouldn’t even catch me doing a casual bop in a club. With two left feet and coordination worse than David Seymour, as D. day (dance day) drew closer I began plotting and drafting the early morning text message about my ‘killer migraine’.

But, I wouldn’t be a true Urban Lister if I didn’t at least give it a try, so with shaking hands and triple knotted sneakers (I was taking no chances) the team and I entered the studio. Making our way past Samantha Haynes (Text SAM to 3333), we were led into our class to meet Rachel.

Known for being one of the harsher of the three judges and her clashes with Jules, I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous walking into a room. Rachel—as gorgeous as ever—could not have been more welcoming, greeting us with her signature enthusiasm and smile as we entered the room. Following nervous shaky hello on my part, it was time to begin.

First up was the samba. Taking things nice and slow, a VERY patient Rachel took us from a few steps to partnering up and even managing a SPIN within only minutes. Folks, if you didn’t already believe miracles exist, here’s your proof.

By the time we had made our way through the basics of a rumba and onto a swing dance, every hint of blood curdling fear had vanished and we were basically professionals… okay not quite, but we definitely got a few moves down pat.

As the session came to a close, our relieved team eagerly awaited for feedback. Hearts were thumping, hypothetical drums were rolling….and the score was in. Rachel gave us a 10! (Sort’ve) making Dancing With The Stars history? Not bad for a Wednesday morning.

From drab to fab, Rachel took us there. Dancing with two left feet? Petrifying. Dancing with a star? Priceless.

So will you catch us at the  finale this Sunday? Absolutely, but we wouldn’t want to upstage any contestants, so you’ll have to keep a keen eye on the crowd to see our slick new moves.  

Don’t forget to tune into the season finale of Dancing With The Stars this Sunday at 7pm on Three.

Image Credit: Dancing With The Stars

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