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We’ve Discovered How To Get Alcohol Delivered To Your Door In Less Than An Hour!

By Sharleen Shergill
1st Dec 2016

alcohol delivery service auckland

We have a public service announcement to make: you can now get wine, beer and spirits delivered right to your home or workplace in less than an hour. Yep, you read that correctly— THE FUTURE IS HERE! It’s called BrewBound and we’ve got the in-cider scoop. 

Gone are the days of making your way to the supermarket just to realise you forgot to bring your ID.

Now, simply hop onto, select your fave bevvies and just wait for that doorbell to ring. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! And what do we do when life gives us lemons? We add tequila! Not just any tequila, delivered tequila!

This Friday night, from the comfort of your home or office get the goods delivered to your doorstep and show your friends and colleagues how a real party is done.

With more than 900 products including beer, cider, wine, spirits and even non-alcoholic drinks for your sober friends BrewBound has raised the bar. Now, all you need are some snacks BUT don’t worry they’ve got this covered too (everything from chocolate to chips)!

If this doesn’t leave you in high spirits, we don’t know what will.

Yeah, you can thank us later, it’s ale good.


What: BrewBound – Alcohol Delivery

Where: Auckland (delivered to your location)

Find out more here.


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