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What Not To Miss At Art Week

By Krysia Drecki
5th Oct 2016

What Not To Miss At Art Week

Auckland Art Week is back and bigger than ever! This year, it will be showcasing work from more than 1000 artists in all sorts of shapes and forms across town. Starting on October 8th, the 10-day festival will be full of multi-sensory exhibitions, interactive displays and lit-up pavilions. The event spans 10 different neighbourhoods all over Auckland, with a mix of venues such as galleries, eateries and local parks. Almost all events are FREE so there’s no excuse not to come along, and be inspired!   

Here’s what to look out for at ArtweekAKL. 


Asylum brings a multi-sensory and thought provoking-art installation to Auckland’s Silo Park. Creative use of the elements, together with abstract light and sound are utilized to explore dark themes of terrorism, state control, surveillance, violence, war and mass exodus. Spread across the six silos, the exhibition reflects recent events from our chaotic world such as the cult of Donald Trump, the refugee crisis, The Panama Papers, The War Against Terror and the rise of Islamic State. With its creative approach to exploring dramatic subject matter and universal themes, Asylum is simply a must see during Art Week. 

Where: Silo Park, Jellico Street
When: 8th—16th October

[email protected]

GLOW Festival takes Artweek into the night with a display of light pavilions in all shapes and sizes in and around Windsor Park, Devonport. All structures and installations are designed and created by architecture students from Unitec. The aim is to create interesting and scalable light structures with zero waste, and zero costs that will be judged and showcased to the public over a three-night period.

Where: Windsor Park, Devonport
When: 14th—16th October, 6—11pm

Devonport Community Sculpture

Devonport’s Flagstaff Gallery is sponsoring a collaborative community sculpture build of an orca and its babies. This is an interactive event open for the whole community to participate and have a go sculpting the orca family. Starting on the 9th of October the sculpture building will be led by local artists daily from 2-7pm during the week and from 11am on the weekend. Bring the whole fam to take part—no experience necessary!

Where: Flagstaff Gallery, 30 Victoria Road, Devonport
When: 9th—15 October, 2pm—7pm on the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 14th from 11am—3pm and on the 13th and 15th from 11am until 5pm


Encounters is a showcase of Kenneth Merrick’s latest series of paintings that combine an explosion of colour, figure and form with unlikely characters set amidst spaces both foreign and familiar.

Where: This That Café, Auckland City
When: 11th October, 6pm

Worlds Apart

ScribbleAKL bring you Worlds Apart, an interactive event that offers viewers an ‘alternate reality’ in an evolving craft installation. 

Where: Little High Street Arcade
When: 10th—16th October, 10—5pm

A Confederacy Of Things (To Paint On)

Rather than depositing paint on flat and stable objects, Ian Peter Weston’s work focuses on structures where the place of support in elevated, and materiality and thickness have become privileged components. 

Where: Antoinette Godkin Gallery, 30 York Street, Apt y32, Parnell
When: 20th Sep—15th October, Tues—Fri 11am—5pm, Sat 11am—3pm

View Point 

Hannah Jensen emphasises textures and tones through her bespoke carving technique in her latest exhibition, View Point. Her work takes you on a journey from North Island’s coastlines to the South Island’s mountain ranges. 

Where: Endemic World, 62 Ponsonby Road
When: 7th—17th October, Mon—Sat 10am—5pm, Sun 11am—3pm

Essential Oils

Check out Essential Oils, Oscar Perry’s visual commentary on political and cultural legacy of late modernism. Oscar explain his work as a misguided attempt at trying to document something that couldn’t be explained.

Where: Bowerbank Ninow, 312 Karangahape Road
When: 14th September—22nd October


A new collective that allows an alternative platform for artists to sell their work and give back at the same time, Colours is launching a pop-up group exhibition and three-day creative celebration of live art, music and a boutique craft market. 

Where: Ponsonby Central
When: 14th—16th October 


Presence is an exhibition of portraits by Peter Miller which he describes as ‘a moment in time where all else ceases, time stands still and the past and future no longer exist’.  Peter will be hosting a talk/workshop about his work on Saturday 8 October, 2.30pm. 

Where: nkb Gallery, 455 Mount Eden Road
When: 29th September—17th October, Mon 10am—4pm, Tues—Fri 10am—6pm, Sat 10am—4pm

The Vernacular Lounge

Depot Artspace present an exhibition of Elizabeth Cottrell’s work rejuvenating and re-upholstering mid-century furniture in vintage NZ woollen blankets. 

Where: Depot Artspace, 28 Clarence Street
When: 15th October—2nd November


After developing a keen interest in early computer image making using keyboard characters, Vaimaila Urale’s latest exhibition, Embed, features bright, large scale prints along with ceramic works and lapita pottery. Aswell as her exhibition, Vaimaila will be giving a Floor Talk on Saturday 15th October, 10am—11am. 

Where: Sanderson Contemporary Art, Osborne Lane, 2 Kent Street, Newmarket
When: 11th—23rd October, Mon—Fri 10am—6pm, Sat—Sun 10am—4pm


Veronica Herber transforms outdoor landscapes with her hand-torn washi tape technique, forming patterned grids in nuanced environments. This particular exhibition will involve site-specific indoor installation for the New Zealand Steel Gallery and a series of large and small scale works on paper.

Where: Franklin Arts Centre, New Zealand Steel Gallery, 12 Massey Ave, Pukekohe
When: 24th September—5th November, Mon—Fri 9.30am—4.30pm, Sat 9.30am—2.30pm

Street Art Walk 

Guided tours of the city’s street art. Explore diverse forms of art and creative expression in amongst all of Auckland’s nooks and crannies.

Where: Starting/meeting points will be communicated to confirmed guests closer to the time of walk.
When: Sun 9th October 11am—1pm, Fri 14th October 5.30—7.30pm & Sat 15th October 11am—1pm

To check out all the other awesome events and happenings over ArtWeekAKL click here

Image credit: Jeremy Toth for Artweek Auckland via Facebook

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