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Yes Way, Frozé! Where To Find Frozé In Auckland

By Martha Brooke
9th Feb 2017

Where To Get Frozé In Auckland

You’ve no doubt seen these pretty-in-pink drinks flooding social media channels to become the must-sip drink of summer. Yep, it’s all about the frozé come the warmer months. And, Instagram aside, they are nothing short of d-elicious.

First things first, it’s pronounced ‘fro-zay’ and secondly, you’ll be screaming ‘fro-yay!’ in no time.

But forget FOMO, you lucky, lucky Aucklanders have got nine—yes nine—frozé drinking destinations to choose from.

We know you’re gonna want one (or three!) so what are you waiting for? Get slurping those slushies!

Mr Toms


Ponsonby Road cool kids Mr Toms have inevitably sorted out our summer drinking needs—think a blend of strawberry puree mixed with the good stuff, to form an utterly crave-worthy, cold concoction. With the perfect people-watching space out front, we know where we’ll be for after work drinks.



Forget no way Jose, we’re all about yes, way frozé! If you’re on the north side of the bridge, you might wanna pay attention! Franc’s Bar + Cafe are now serving frozé! Grab a glass of their strawberry and lime offering to fulfil your frozen rosé needs! Taxi!

Britomart Country Club


The folk at Britomart Country Club are offering up a frozen blend of New Zealand rosé, vodka, lemon juice, strawberry puree and water to form their naughty version of frozé! Noice.

Gypsy Caravan


Set in— quite possibly —the most idyllic location ever, Gypsy Caravan not only win points for location, but also score highly for serving up our new fave, frozé. With hanging lanterns, colourful floral displays and a brightly coloured vintage-style caravan bar, there is no prettier place to enjoy a glass of frozé, that’s for sure!



Remember when slush puppies were the best thing to have as a kid? Well, our childhood fave has just grown the f**k up. Ostro have completely and utterly bowled us over with their offering of not one—but two!—frozen rosé, slushy machines! Churning the good stuff at all times, we can’t wait to fill our glass (es!).

Scarlett Slimms And Lucky

Mt Eden

Not only do these guys craft one of the most intense Bloody Mary’s —dare we say, on the planet!—but they have also got us covered on the frozé front too. Scarlett Slimms And Lucky have jumped aboard the frozen rosé trend train to bring us their delectable version. Served in their signature jars and topped with mint, this is a refreshing tipple unlike any other!

Botswana Butchery


With Stoneleigh Rosé, strawberry and raspberry syrup, fresh lemon juice and water, all blended together to produce some of the best tasting frozé around, Botswana Butchery have certainly caught our eye. With their very own frozé machine on hand, you can enjoy all this and more, alongside some of the best meaty-goodness this side of the city!

The Paddington


Oh, Paddington Parnell, you’ve only gone and got our summer drink destination sorted. Nab yourself a glass of frozé and spend the afternoon sitting in the sun!

White & Wong's


Struggling to decide on weekend drinks? Look no further, people. From Friday to Sunday, you can enjoy frozé upon frozé, as White & Wong's are serving up all this deliciousness in their slushy machines. With ample outdoor space, a gorgeous Asian-fusion menu and stunning views of the harbour, you know where you can find us!

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Image credit: Gypsy Caravan


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