Where To Play Social Sports In Auckland

By Martha Brooke
20th Mar 2017

Where To Play Social Sports In Auckland

Whether you’re ready to release that after work stress, get fit with your friends or just have some fun —yes, exercise can be fun peeps—it’s time to ditch the treadmill and join a social sport!

Yes, that’s right, we’re talking actual sports. Instead of watching your favourite players and teams on television, why not get up off the couch and give it a go? Tie up those laces, grab your weapon of choice (we’re talking cricket bat or frisbee FYI!) and show the sporting world exactly what you are made of—even if it ain’t much.


Now, we don’t want you to start sounding like you’re lifting a heavy sofa or starring in an ‘80s porno, so let’s leave the grunts and shrieks for the professionals and focus on the game in hand instead. Tennis has been around for centuries and still continues to draw in crowds and players from all corners of the world. Auckland is no different either, as the lovely team at Mission Bay Tennis Club hold free tennis club nights for all skills and expertise! Offering casual playing opps every Wednesday night, choose to play singles, doubles or mixed and don’t forget to get that game face on! They also know that tennis can get tiring (thank God!) so why not take a breather and grab a bevvie at the on-site bar? One can’t hurt, right?


Make like Flintoff, Warner and Guptill and get ready to swing those sixes! Every Wednesday and Thursday evening at Planet Indoor Sports in Glenfield, teams can partake in a good old fashioned game of indoor cricket in the attempt to become league champions! Wickets and balls are supplied along with the use of bats and protection, however players can bring their own because after all, your bat is probably your lucky charm. Open to guys and girls and with the opportunity to enrol your team of top cricket lovin’ mates or simply slotting into a team needing an extra person, get those whites on (not really!) and get ready to sing ‘I don’t like cricket, oh no, I love it!’


Although we might not be able to bend it like Beckham or dribble like Messi, it sure as hell doesn’t stop us from trying! With the North Shore five-a-side league on our doorsteps, you can be sure to find us scoring goals...well, attempting to anyway. Whether you fall into the over 35’s mens or mixed category, all players are guaranteed a cracking game of the good stuff in one of Auckland’s best locations. Can’t persuade your mates to join? Don’t worry! Simply let the organisers know beforehand so they can find you the perfect team and who knows, you might just make some friends along the way!


If your games of volleyball usually involve the beach, copious amounts of sand in places you’d rather not and seem to end abruptly due to incoming tides, pay attention. If you are a fan of the sport and want to find a more accommodating place to play, the team at Auckland Social Volleyball in Epsom have got you covered. Join the gang in the spacious indoor gym as they allow players of all skill levels to get involved and play some stellar volleyball. Whether you have already got a team in tow or simply fancy popping along, the team can slot you in and get you hitting those spikes in no time!


Pretty much all of us will have come face to face with this game at some stage in our lives. Whether we were forced to take part in school or at the family barbie, touch, to this day, still remains one of the more popular team sports to get stuck into. If you’re ready for a little more action, get yourself down to Victoria Park for a social and not-at-all-serious game. Although the season has packed up, why not take the time to practice those skills, form the best team poss and get ready to tackle next year?!


Even if we aren’t all seven foot seven or go by the name Steven Adams, we can still dominate the court and shoot the hoops (or not) with a game of Basketball. Over on the Shore, Massey University host leagues for all ages and skill types meaning whatever your ability and agility, you can still get involved! If your friends and b’ball just don’t mix, there is still chance for you to get amongst the action as the organisers are more than happy to find you a team vacancy!


It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we say ‘social sports’ but Rollerblading is guaranteed to be one of the most enjoyable! No matter how young or old you are, rollerblading is fun, full stop. Feeling the wind in your hair and beneath your wheels is one heck of a throwback feeling. Although summer has gone for good, it certainly doesn’t stop the regular rollies from wheeling around —no, no—they are just getting started! Meet up with the gang at Mission Bay as you get set to embark on a journey to St Heliers. With killer views and laughs a minute, all while getting fit and healthy, strap on those skates and get ready to have a wheely good time!

Ultimate Frisbee

Lone gone are the days where frisbee throwing is just for our four-legged friends and getting them lost in the neighbours garden. In this day and age, we’ve managed to take this specific skill to a whole new level. Welcome to the world of ultimate frisbee! Similar to any other goal-based sports, players must defend their own from the opposing team and work their way up the pitch through accurate throwing and catching to score a goal at the other end. Simple! With leagues running all year long, even in winter, there is no end to the amount of fun you and your pals can have!


Netball has been at the forefront of sport for a while now (sorry Mr McCaw!) and with such a kick-ass, medal-winning bunch of females representing our talented country, it’s safe to say we are very proud and rather inspired ourselves! If you couldn’t make the Silver Fern try-outs (bummer!) but consider yourself a bit of a big deal on the court or just like shootin’ them hoops now and again, pay attention and don that bib, as we’ve got some exciting news. Auckland Netball host summer leagues so that you and your ball buddies can get amongst the action! In this six week competition get ready to battle it out on the court in the hopes of winning the coveted prize and serious bragging rights!

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