Where To Shop So You Don’t Look Like Every Other Aucklander

By Martha Brooke
25th Jan 2017

Where To Shop So You Don’t Look Like Every Other Aucklander

Let’s face it—we can all be guilty of following the crowds from time to time. From jumping back on the scrunchie bandwagon to repping tattoo chokers again, we can’t deny our sometimes sheepish ways in the fashion world.

How many of us have had that, ‘OMG she’s wearing the same top as me’ moment or darted in a doorway to avoid an awkward encounter from a passer by, sporting the exact same pair of high-waisted jeans and Adidas Superstars combo? If the answer is yes, you might wanna take note.

With so much choice out there, we reckon that it’s time to make like Gabriella Montez and go your own way. For a little inspo on how to have all eyes on you, check out our list of where to shop so you don’t look like every other Aucklander.

Standing out will never feel so good.

The Bread And Butter Letter


This K Road store may be small in size, but what it lacks in stature, it certainly makes up for in it’s handpicked and positively gorgeous, vintage offerings. Forget trawling through rack after rack of ‘questionable’ clothing, because The Bread And Butter Letter instead, carefully selects which pieces they want in their store, making for an easy, breezy visit. For one-of-a-kind and extremely reasonable price tags, head on over to this K Road gem for killer garments and pre-loved treasures!

Rita Sue Clothing


If you’re bored of the same old LBD’s and haven’t found a style of dress to truly show off your killer curves and body shape, then listen up. Rita Sue Clothing of St Kevin’s Arcade specialise in some of the most gorgeous and unique, vintage, pin-up-style dresses and clothing in the city. For clothing that fits in all the right places, makes you feel utterly fantastic inside and out and that you won’t see every man and his dog wearing, Rita Sue is gonna be your new go-to!

Jetset Bohemian

Grey Lynn

Think glitter, sequins, embellishments and a whole lotta enchantment, when you step through the doors of Jetset Bohemian. Here you'll find one-of-a-kind pieces, something a little different and for complete Coachella vibes—you really have to see it for yourself. A warning, however: you will want to buy absolutely everything!


Grey Lynn

Celebrating personal style and featuring some of the most refreshing and exciting designs to feature in the New Zealand fashion scene, up-and-coming label, Eugenie is fast becoming one to watch. Elizabeth Wilson’s pieces are injected with high-end sophistication, yet still manage a firm emphasis on being wearable in everyday life. For a fun twist on your wardrobe go-to items and to have all eyes on you, hit up Eugenie, now.

Recycle Boutique

CBD, Newmarket and Takapuna

With locations in the CBD, Newmarket and Takapuna, Recycle Boutique have certainly got you covered. Chock-a-block full of previously loved garments and accessories, we can bet your bottom dollar that you won’t be seeing many (if not any!) people in the same item of clothing as you. Dig out a bargain, sniff out the designer clobber and get ready for a whole lot of ‘OMG, where did you get that’s?!’

Penny Sage


With a host of clean-cut shapes and flattering lines, the geniuses behind Penny Sage have certainly nailed everyday dressing. Think high-waisted denim dreams, crisp, linen pieces and gorgeous ‘I could wear that’ garments. To take your closet essentials from zero to hero, look no further. Mix and match for serious style points, too.

Georgia Alice


If you’re after some core pieces to inject a bit of life into your everyday fashion choices, then boy, has Georgia Alice got you covered. Forget your regular run-of-the-mill, white, buttoned shirts, why not go for one of the brand's, exaggerated cuffed-and-drop-hemmed versions instead. Pair with a pair of your trusted jeans and bam! You’ve gone from ‘hi’ to ‘oo la la’ in minutes!

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Image credit: The Bread and Butter Letter

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