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Where To Watch The Auckland Harbour Bridge Get Lit

By Bella Askelund
24th Jan 2018

Where To Watch The Auckland Harbour Bridge Get Lit

If there’s one thing us Kiwis know how to do, it’s getting lit AF. A cold brew with a side of fries has a funny way of leading to ten plus cold brews and not enough fries…it’s one of our talents in life and we wear it loud and proud. This weekend however, we’re entitled to double the fun! That’s right, the Auckland Harbour Bridge is embarking on its Vector Lights extraordinaire, meaning our little big city is about to get completely and utterly LIT.

The six-minute light show will kick off at 9.10pm this Saturday followed by a second show at 9.30pm. The rainbow magic will then repeat every half hour until midnight. But its more than pretty lights—both shows will be synced with sound composed by Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper. Tune in on Coast 105.4 FM for the first two shows or check out the audio stream online.

Naturally, we’ve done what we do best (well second best—after eating and drinking, of course) and made a list! Here are the best hot spots to hit up over the weekend and watch the Harbour Bridge light up in its full glory.

Sentinel Beach

Herne Bay

Sentinel Beach is a Central City goers' not-so-secret wanderlust spot. Walking down the rustic old stairs from the road to the beach is a breath of fresh air in itself. Never too crowded, this spot carries the most picturesque view of the Harbour Bridge—you’re so close you can even spy on the bungee jumpers! In order to do Sentinel Beach justice, a takeaway order from Fish Smith is mandatory practice nowadays. Set up fort with your fish tacos, kumara fries and a few bottles of cold cider and you have every ingredient to watch Auckland get lit at ease. #Winning.

Mt Victoria


We don’t know why, but every thing's better from up top. Devonport’s Mt Vic is no exception, making it a fab location to spy on the Harbour Bridge. Drive—or walk if you’re the essence of health—up the mountain and find yourself a snug spot to lookout across the water. What’s even better, you can end the night by catching a ferry into the CBD and scoring a sweet view from the water too! You’ll find yourself in one of those moments of gratitude for sure, wondering how the universe is so wonderful...yeah you know the ones.

Little Shoal Bay


Keen to venture out of the City to catch the lights but don’t wanna head too far? Little Shoal Bay is your saviour. With an epic view of Auckland’s Harbour Bridge and waterfront—there’s arguably no better place to be this weekend. With grass for days, a cosy picnic is definitely on the cards. Pop on your fancy pants and celebrate the anniversary weekend with an abundance of cheese, crackers and a few bottles (yes bottles) of great vino. Your other half will be blown away.

Harbour View Beach Reserve

Te Atatū Peninsula

We’ve heard ‘em say that West is Best—so if the saying runs true, why go anywhere else? Harbour View Beach Reserve offers a great but distant view of Auckland City. Watch our iconic landmark get lit AF from afar as you chill out and spin some yarns with your pals. You’ll feel apart of the celebrations without feeling claustrophobic from the hustle and bustle in town—perfect for the slightly more mature bunch. Or if you want to take things up a notch and climb down the maturity scale, head here with a box of beersies and let the Sat night antics begin!

Bayswater Marina


One of Auckland’s newest marinas, Bayswater boasts beaut views of the bridge, city and Waitemata Harbour. A picturesque spot all year round, we’re thinking every Tom, Dick and Sally will be nestled here to catch the Harbour Bridge do its thang over the weekend. If you’re one of those lucky ones that actually have a boat parked here, make the most of it! We’re thinking we’ll anchor up right in front of the action, naturally.

Auckland Waterfront

Auckland CBD

One word—restaurants. If you want to celebrate Auckland’s Anniversary Weekend in style, the waterfront is where you shall head. With endless restaurants and bars to choose from, find yourself a seaside table to sit back and appreciate the display. If you’re feeling extra, why not book a table at Ostro and have yourself an infamous seafood platter. While you’re there, it’d be rude not to order the caramelised pineapple apple crumble…‘nuff said.

Queens Parade


Here’s one for all you Devonport locals—take an evening stroll down Queens Parade with a hot choc in hand and the Harbour Bridge as your backdrop. AKA, the perfect frickin’ evening. It’s mellow vibes all round in Devo so this is the spot to be if you’re hoping to have a laid back long weekend. You’ll also probably find every man and his dog with the same idea as you but hey, it’s all part of the atmosphere. Right?

Bastion Point


Another prime location to spy on the Harbour Bridge, Bastion Point is a sacred land that offers some of the best views in town. A cheeky dinner in Mission Bay wouldn’t be complete without a scenic tour up Bastion Point afterwards—especially if romance is on the cards. Head here over Anniversary Weekend to soak up the city’s beauty and bask in it’s glory. Auckland Anniversary Weekend = conquered.

Image Credit: Vector

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