Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

By Olivia Atkinson
4th Jul 2016

The Best Chicken Dishes In Auckland

Chicken is one deliciously versatile meat. Not only is it a solid weekday dinner option (it always comes to the rescue in our “I don’t know what to cook” dilemmas), it also features in some of the tastiest dishes in Auckland.

From taking centre stage in curries to giving salads and sammies that extra bit of oomph, here are the best chicken dishes in Auckland. Trust us, they’re clucking good.

  1. Herne Bay bistro, Paris Butter has two standout chook dishes: chicken liver parfait and chicken Maryland. The latter comes with cassoulet lentils and truffle vinaigrette.
  2. We’re hooked of Nanam’s roast chicken Sinigang. They cover half a chook if tamarind spice rub and serve it with grilled salsa and watercress “patis” puree for a finger lickin’ good time.
  3. Ever heard of mummy chicken? This sweet and sticky dishes lives at KK Malaysian and is made to be devoured with stacks of flaky roti.
  4. When you put ‘bird’ in your name, you better make sure you’re good at what you do. Luckily, Boy & Bird have a cracking chicken-centric menu and their chooks are brined in citrus, poached, house rubbed, rotisseried and chopped before being served alongside chunkies, slaw and gravy.
  5. Chicken curry and roti chanai is a combo that Selera absolutely nails and must for all Auckland chicken fans.
  6. If you thought fried chicken and waffles were the best thing ever, wait until you try The Block Cafe’s fried chicken eggs bene. Yep, this dish exists and it's just as good as it sounds. 
  7. Before you turn your nose up at butter chicken, make your way to Oh Calcutta—they make one of the best and most flavoursome in town.
  8. Take your taste buds on a fragrant journey at Saan with their chargrilled chicken. It’s rubbed with Thai spices and lemongrass and served with toasted rice and chilli sauce.
  9. Did someone say bang bang chilli chicken? This Blue Breeze Inn dish packs a bunch but is balanced by the black vinegar, sesame and peanut.
  10. Al’s Deli buffalo chicken burger ain’t for those with pint-sized appetites. They take their famous free range plateau chicken and dip it in hot sauce before serving in a burg.
  11. Renkon’s chicken katsu is something spesh. Its crumbed to perfection and topped with a rich curry sauce for a jolly good time.
  12. You can’t beat the rotisserie chooks from Bird on a Wire. Get your mitts on a crusty baguette with tarragon mayo and cos or take the healthy route with salad and ‘loads’ of chicken. 
  13. Chicken and waffles are one of those creations that make you go “hallelujah!” This delightful duo from Orleans comes with maple chipotle glaze and crispy sage.
  14. Who doesn’t dig fried chicken? Chop Chop’s Korean fried chicken with chilli sauce, crushed peanuts and yum yum mayo is a firm fave.
  15. Sometimes you just can’t beat a chicken sammie. The Fed put theirs together with chicken skin cracking, iceberg and dipping gravy. Yes and yes.

Need more chicken goodness? We’ve found the Best Fried Chicken and Best Chicken Wings.

Image credit: Bon Appetit

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